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Index of vocational and trade school programs organized by area of study.

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Find academic or career training programs and courses at a school near you or online.

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Access to online academic and vocational programs in US and Canada. You can learn from home on a flexible schedule suited to your needs. Online trade schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities offer degree, diploma, and certificate career training programs.

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Smiling young man in a plaid shirt and yellow hard hat looking at paper blueprints in front of a construction crane outside

Skilled Trades

When all you want to do is work with your hands, nothing beats the skilled trades. If you're ready for a career that makes a real impact, this guide is the place to get started. Skilled trades schools have programs that include HVAC, automotive, plumbing, electrician, aviation, and more.

a doctor and a nurse standing outside a healthcare facility


Attending a health care school could be perfect for you if you want a career where you get to help others. A health care education can prepare you for a career in nursing, medical billing & coding, radiography, surgical tech, and more. Explore programs at colleges, universities, and vocational schools.

Confident professional woman smiling at camera with colleagues in background during business meeting


Prepare for a career in the fast-paced business world. Whether you see yourself filling a management, accounting, or administrative role, a wide range of campus and online program options are available to help you get there.

Smiling young male mechanic in overalls working under the hood of a car in an auto repair shop.


Train for a career where you get paid to do what you love. Choose from a great selection of career training programs, including diesel technology, collision repair, and automotive service.

Chef garnishing spaghetti with basil over a plate of pasta with tomatoes and parmesan in a well-lit setting


Good food brings people together; great food makes them joyful. What could be better than that? You're ready to learn how to create delicious cuisine at a level worthy of being called "Chef." You just need to sort through all of your options first. This culinary school guide offers an excellent place to begin.

Two colleagues collaborating at a computer in a bright office setting.

Arts & Design

Art and design schools can help you turn your imagination into a productive career with a noticeable impact. Find programs for interior design, fashion, photography, architecture, music production, web design & more.

Woman with curly hair using computer in bright office setting.

Media & Digital Arts

Are you bursting with creative ideas and imaginative vision? Start using your artistic drive to sharpen your talents for an inspired career in the digital and interactive arts. Check out possibilities like graphic design, animation, audio production, web design, filmmaking, broadcasting, and video game design.

Veterinarian in a white coat smiling while examining a happy dog in a clinic setting.

Animal Care

Start benefiting from your love of animals. These schools offer training that can lead to fun and meaningful careers with dogs, cats, and other cool creatures. Discover programs for becoming a veterinary technician, vet assistant, or another kind of animal care professional.

Makeup artist applying blush on a Woman in a salon with makeup brushes and products in the background

Beauty and Cosmetology

Explore beauty and cosmetology schools in your area as the first step towards training for a career that puts your talents to good use. Through one of the many available cosmetology and esthetics programs, you can prepare for a career as a hair stylist, esthetician, nail technician, or cosmetologist.

Two professional businesspeople smiling and conversing outdoors with a woman holding a tablet

Legal & Criminal Justice

With a legal and criminal justice education, you could soon be pursuing entry-level job opportunities within provincial or federal enforcement agencies, law offices, or government departments. Find vocational training in paralegal, legal assisting, criminal investigations, and more.

Male information technology professional standing in a server room with an open laptop while examining network hardware


Tech schools and colleges can prepare you to turn your passion into a stimulating career. Find a program at one of these technical schools to help you acquire the training and practical experience to pursue a career in computer programming, web development, network administration, and more.

Professional woman in business attire smiling at her laptop in a bright office setting.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel, tourism, and hospitality schools can give you abundant opportunities to match your potential. Explore the world while using your superior social skills like never before by learning about training for a career in this exciting industry.

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