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Houston SchoolsMake the most of your future in Houston.

Whether you have been here for many years or are new to the area, one thing is certain, the best way to get ahead in this city is by training at one of the colleges and trade schools in Houston. A higher education will not only help improve your current lifestyle, but will allow you to reach for goals that, until today, may have seemed out of reach.

To get started on a path that could lead to better financial security and a more fulfilled life, feel free to browse through our listing of colleges and vocational schools available in the Houston area or use our zip-code based search tool to easily narrow down the right school for you. Once you have chosen one that fits your requirements, simply fill out a form to ask for any information you may need to get a head start on your new career.

Read more about why Houston is a great place to get an education.

Featured Schools

Florida Career College

  • Houston
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Medical Assistant Technician

Tulsa Welding School

  • Houston
  • Refrigeration Technologies
  • Welding Specialist
  • Welding Specialist with Pipefitting

The College of Health Care Professions

  • Houston
  • Dental Assistant
  • Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Coding and Billing

Remington College

  • Houston Southeast (Webster)
  • North Houston (Greenspoint)
  • Business Office Management
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • Cosmetology
  • Database Management and Administration
  • Dental Assisting
  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech (Limited Scope)
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Paralegal
  • Process Technology
  • Restaurant, Hospitality, and Retail Management

Universal Technical Institute

  • Houston
  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
  • Diesel & Industrial Technology

Top Reasons to Get an Education in Houston

There are many reasons why getting your education in Houston is not only a viable option, but also a convenient one. Of these, the most important (and logical) one is that you live in the area. But there is much more that makes this city a great place to learn, so let's take a look at why Houston is the place to be.

Reasons to Get an Education in Houston
  • A solid economy—Houston's economy is growing at a steady pace, and the most recent statistics show that over 81,200 new jobs were created in 2015 alone.* This means that the possibility of finding new and better employment is more of a reality than in some other parts of the country.
  • Affordability—Even with a growing economy, the cost of living in Houston remains lower than the U.S. average. And it's also lower than in some of Texas' other major cities such as Dallas and Austin.*** In fact, in 2013, Houston's cost of living was rated as the third lowest in a survey of the 20 most populous metro areas.*
  • Inexpensive housing—Looking to improve your lifestyle? It's possible to find a wide range of affordable real estate in Houston, especially since the city's median housing costs are lower than those in some of the state's other big cities.*** As a matter of fact, housing in Houston has been shown to be over 36 percent less expensive than the average cost in other metropolitan areas with similar characteristics.*
  • An education destination—For many years, Houston has been known as one of the prime destinations for those seeking a higher education, and because of this, the workforce is better educated than in other areas.* This is especially true in fields such as engineering, science, and business, as well as for other areas like skilled trades and health care.

Aside from these facts, Houston is also renowned for its health care system, which is considered to be extremely well-organized and patient-oriented.* Transportation is not only lower in cost, but also effective and efficient, making it a viable alternative for those who would rather not make use of a vehicle. And, Houston is home to some of the most beautiful parks and recreational areas in Texas, together with a good selection of cultural activities to keep you busy during your free time.

When you take all of this into account along with an average annual salary of $65,000**, it's easy to see how Houston could be the perfect place to begin working toward your future today. Don't wait any longer, get ahead and request information from a school in Houston right now!

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