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Why Choose a Vocational School?

What is Vocational Training?

Last Updated February 12, 2020

Imagine a post-secondary education that provides you with the career-oriented training to smoothly and quickly make the transition from attending school to obtaining the career you desire. If you want to become career-ready in less time than an ordinary college or university, adult career and vocational education is for you.

Vocational training is a great option for those with a specific career plan, who know exactly which industry and job position they are aiming for. Attending a vocational school allows students to quickly and efficiently learn the necessary job-related skills and background, often in less than a year, and graduate prepared to step into the career they have always wanted.

What Is a Technical School? Is It Different Than a Vocational One?

These are great questions. After all, the terms used to describe various types of post-secondary schools can definitely be a little confusing sometimes. But in this case, the answer is simple and easy to remember.

So, what is a technical school? It's basically the exact same thing as a vocational school or a trade school. The names are all interchangeable.

At a technical, vocational, or trade school, the programs are short and streamlined. They focus on helping you get practical, employment-ready skills for specific occupations. And, when necessary, many of them help you prepare for certification or licensing exams in the occupation that you're training for.

Most technical/vocational programs take less than a year or two to complete. Yet some schools also offer longer programs that may last up to three or four years for more in-depth training.

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Students enrolled in vocational education can choose from a wide variety of available programs from many different industries, including business, health, technology, legal, and skilled trades. Popular programs can include dental assistant, administrative assistant, paralegal, IT specialist, and HVAC technician training. Many programs include a well-rounded curriculum that ensures students receive classroom learning and hands-on training, as well as real-life experience through externships at off-campus facilities.

With vocational education, you also receive the choice of attending on-campus classes, or reaping the benefits and freedom of an online vocational school. Online vocational training allows you to work around your current schedule and keep your current commitments while still getting the education you want within the comfort of your own home. Your home computer can become your gateway to career-oriented training in order to reach the career goals you have set for yourself.

Vocational Education Jobs

Upon graduation from a vocational college, you will be prepared to go after the career of your choice, whether your goal is to work as a carpenter, legal assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, computer programmer, or graphic designer. You can become an asset to businesses, government offices, and contractors with a vocational education that prepares you to make a seamless transition into the work force.

Vocational schools can also help prepare you to launch your own business from the ground up. Specialized training and the development of business skills, techniques, and an extensive base knowledge can allow you to graduate and move on to become a business owner, living the dream of becoming 'your own boss'.

If vocational training sounds like the right fit for you, make an action plan for vocational education by exploring the vocational colleges and the vocational education jobs available. The career of your dreams is waiting for you, make it a reality in less time than you imagined with a career-specific education from a vocational school.