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Goldsmithing & Jewelry Repair Schools

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A well-loved piece of jewelry can mean the world to someone, and when it breaks, you could be there to help restore it to pristine condition. By choosing to enroll at one of the available jewelry repair schools, you can gain the necessary skills to repair, adjust, and polish a wide range of jewelry.

From resetting a diamond in a treasured family heirloom to sizing an engagement ring for an excited bride-to-be, jewelry repair can be rewarding work, but it requires a high level of expertise. Through jewelry repair or goldsmith training, you can develop the specialized skills required to perform such delicate work. You can learn how to repair clasps, settings, mountings, and more. In addition, depending on the specific program, you could become skilled at engraving, appraising, or even jewelry production.

This unique profession can offer you the chance to work as a bench jeweler or goldsmith within jewelry repair shops, or you could choose to become self-employed—a popular route in this field. If you're ready to take on a career that combines strong technical ability with skillful artistry, request more information from one of the jewelry repair schools listed below!