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Vocational training for your future

Choosing your next move just got easier. We'll help you find a college or trade school in Canada with programs that match your career goals.

It only takes a couple of fast and simple steps to make a great leap forward in your search for relevant, career-driven training.


Get reliable training for the kind of career that you already know makes a lot of sense. It's easy to start following through on your intentions of learning a trade. Check out some dependable options right now!

Health Care

You care a lot about making the right move, for yourself and others. So take this to heart: The health and medical sector offers some of the most promising careers for people like you. Find your own path today!

Human Services

Get into a career that warms your heart and makes you proud. Valuable members of our communities experience all kinds of different obstacles. But you can be there to help them become so much more than their challenges. Find out how!


You have the motivation. Now get the tools to create the prosperity you seek in your professional life. Discover extensive program possibilities geared toward helping you advance in the world of business!

Beauty & Cosmetology

It's hard to go wrong with a career that's all about generating extra delight in the world. Besides, you've got an eye for style and a drive for revitalizing others. Discover a school where you can bring out even more of your natural brilliance.


Delicious food makes your world go around. So imagine being the creator of countless appetizing experiences you can share. Use this moment to find out where to start refining your cooking, baking, and hospitality techniques!

Design & Arts

A career should be fun and imaginative. That's why you're here isn't it? To discover the place where your creative drive will grow into something that gives you real opportunities? It's a great plan. So carry it forward!

Legal Studies

Put your values to work in a career that provides genuine purpose. Law, order, and justice are pillars of society that provide ways to make a stable and meaningful living. So find the program that aligns with your vision of a better future!

Media Arts

Creating digital magic requires just the kind of inventive spark you were born with. So turn your brilliant imagination into a shining career. Discover programs that can help your creativity flourish!


Loving computers and technological challenges has its benefits. People build wonderful careers out of finding technical solutions and making things work. You can as well. Find a program that inspires you!

Teaching & ECE

The drive to help kids is a strength you can build on. So grow your career prospects right alongside the potential you promote in your community's children. See some of the great educational options for people with your kind of passion!

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Trade Schools FAQ

How Are Trade Schools Different From Other Post-secondary Schools?

It all boils down to a difference in focus. Trade schools (also known as technical or vocational schools) place much more emphasis on helping you become job-ready for a specific career than many traditional colleges and universities do. They know that adults like you want a quicker, more reliable pathway into a promising career so that you have an opportunity to improve your life as soon as possible.

That's why the schools on this site offer very directed courses of study that incorporate plenty of practical skills training. They also tend to build more flexibility and convenience into their programs. And their campuses are often located in areas that are faster and easier to get to.

Why Should I Consider Career-Based Training?

First, think about your goals. You want to improve your job prospects and get into, or advance within, a field that has real upsides. And you'd like for all of that to happen as quickly as possible.

Career-oriented training exists for that very reason. It exists for you.

Choosing a school that offers this type of training can be especially helpful if you want:

  • The chance to learn skills that are truly relevant to your chosen field
  • A practical, learn-by-doing education
  • Extra convenience in terms of class schedules, school locations, and online learning options
  • An accelerated course of study
  • Help with your job search and career development after you graduate

How Long Are the Programs?

It depends on what you're after. But keep this in mind: Most of the programs aren't any longer than they need to be. In fact, many of them can be completed in less than one year. And many others require only about 18 to 24 months. Of course, the more advanced the course of study, the longer you are likely to be in school.

As a general guideline, you can expect:

  • A certificate or diploma to take a year or less to earn
  • An associate degree to require up to two years
  • A bachelor's degree to take about four years
  • A master's degree to require about one or two additional years (if you already have a bachelor's degree)

Can I Get Assistance with Paying My Tuition?

Yes, you might be able to, depending on your qualifications. Most schools can assist you with the process of finding out whether you qualify for any student loans, grants, or scholarships. In fact, they often have special departments that are dedicated to helping you discover ways to afford your education.

How Can I Find the Right Trade School for Me?

Well, here's some really good news: You've made it this far already. Which means you're really close. In fact, you might be only a few clicks away from discovering the school that will put you on track to fulfilling your aspirations.

So here's how to proceed: Use one of the search tools on this page to quickly generate a list of options that match your location and career preferences. It's fast, and you can refine the results very easily. Why not begin right now?

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