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triOS CollegeMake real strides in pursuit of the future you want.

triOS College has helped thousands of students develop in-demand skills for careers they can feel good about. It's a school that focuses on providing truly useful learning experiences. And it's where you can start improving your own marketability as a knowledgeable professional within a satisfying vocational field.

It all begins with a training approach that's personal and centred around your current lifestyle. For example, classes are small and offered in the morning, afternoon, or at night. That way, you get to choose a schedule that fits with your other activities.

But the school's commitment to aiding in your success doesn't stop there. Instructors are hired based on their industry experience in the subjects they teach. It's how the college helps ensure that you learn from people who understand what it's really like to work in the career you've chosen to prepare for. And most programs include placement in a genuine work setting via an internship or practicum.

By the time you graduate, you could be more than ready to make good things happen in your professional life. You'll even receive access to the college's career services department, which is there to help with your job search.

So give some attention to what triOS College might help you achieve. And don't hesitate to ask the school to contact you personally with all of the details you want to know.

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triOS College Program Areas

Business Programs

Generate real momentum in your pursuit of a prosperous career in business. triOS College's diploma programs give you a way to begin attaining a number of key abilities. In a short time, you can develop a marketable understanding of Microsoft Office and major subject areas that are relevant to making professional contributions within almost any successful organization. Choose from the following appealing options:

  • Accounting Applications—Get introduced to a variety of standard accounting procedures while using popular software such as QuickBooks so that you can pursue entry-level opportunities in this field.
  • Accounting and Payroll Administrator—Complete a 34-week course of study aimed at preparing you for certification by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).
  • Accounting and Payroll Specialist—Gain an in-depth understanding of how you can excel in a professional business environment by choosing this 45-week program—which includes an 8 week internship.
  • Administrative Assistant*—Acquire a relevant base of office skills in just 17 weeks so that you can start helping executives and team leaders conduct business efficiently.
  • Advanced Business Office Applications—Take this 13-week program to gain the essential skills needed to pursue entry-level office positions.
  • Business Administration*—Enroll in this 34-week program to discover what it takes to succeed in the world of business.
  • Honours Business Administration—Take a more in-depth 60-week program that covers many of the key aspects of succeeding in business and includes a two-month work placement.
  • Insurance Specialist—Get trained in a variety of core skills that are relevant to Canada's insurance industry, and prepare for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) exam as part of this program that lasts only 45 weeks with an internship or just 37 weeks without one.
  • Office Administrator—Choose this 26-week program to obtain entry-level skills in financial accounting and learn how to use related software programs.

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Technology Programs

Start positioning yourself for an engaging future in a field that's always advancing. This college got its start by training people for high-tech vocations, and it continues to do so today. In fact, the school's technology students benefit from courses of study that reflect current trends and industry needs. It's why you'll find options that range from network administration to Web design and game development. And most programs include vouchers for taking certification exams related to the technologies that many employers value. Discover the opportunities:

  • Applications Developer*—Join the growing field of app development by taking this 50-week program that offers four specialties to choose from, as well as the option for an eight-week internship.
  • CompTIA A+—Prepare for one of the most widely recognized IT certification exams while learning more about installing, configuring, and supporting personal computer hardware and software, including Microsoft Windows.
  • CompTIA Network+—Get ready for a vendor-neutral certification exam that is widely respected and covers many basic concepts related to configuring, troubleshooting, administering, and securing TCP/IP-based computer networks.
  • Enterprise Web & Mobile Developer—Train in the art and science of creating applications for computers, the Web, and mobile devices in this 90-week program that includes four months of real workplace experience.
  • Information Technology Administrator*—Prepare for a number of IT support and administration careers in this 50-week program that also offers the option for an eight-week internship.
  • Information Technology Professional—Get a comprehensive education in network, server, security, mobile, and database technologies in just 90 weeks, including a four-month internship.
  • Network Administrator*—Take an accelerated 25-week course of study in computer networking and common operating systems.
  • Network Specialist—Move your IT career goals forward in a 42-week program that can train you for opportunities in computer network administration or support while covering widely used operating systems, including those from Microsoft.
  • Network Support Technician—Take advantage of a 13-week program that includes training in the configuration of routers, switches, security applications, and network-connected systems and devices.
  • PC Support Technician—Discover how, in just 13 weeks, you can learn skills for maintaining or troubleshooting personal computer hardware and Microsoft operating systems while also getting training in task automation that's driven by PowerShell scripting.
  • Video Game Design & Development—Transform your passion for gaming into a full range of sought-after skills in 94 weeks, including four months in a professional work setting.
  • Video Game Design Technologies—Work on eight gaming projects as you learn how to design graphics, animations, and more in a 90-week training program that incorporates a four-month placement with an actual game developer.
  • Web Technology Specialist* —Learn the essential skills involved in creating websites and mobile apps in just 25 weeks.

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Healthcare Programs

You can become a professional who makes a genuine difference in the lives of people in your community. This school could be your catalyst for making that happen rather quickly. Imagine the good that can come from providing vital support to medical practitioners or assisting people who need extra care and attention. It benefits them, but it also boosts your own ability to create a life of well-being. Just look at all of the short-term training possibilities available to you:

  • Addiction Worker—Attain a practical understanding of how to assess clients, plan treatments, manage cases, and more in 47 weeks of training that includes two months of experience in a real treatment environment.
  • Community Services Worker—Go through a 47-week program comprised of courses in mental health and addiction issues, sociology, and criminology, as well as a two-month internship.
  • Equine Massage Therapy—Learn how to provide relaxing or rehabilitative massages to horses in this unique 88-week program that can help you become a valued member of a veterinary team and includes hands-on training in a barn setting.
  • Massage Therapy—Get practical, hands-on training to qualify for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) exams. This 88-week program can teach you how to perform a wide range of standard massage techniques in order to help people feel better and move better.
  • Medical Office Assistant—Get a quick jumpstart on a career in this field by taking this 38-week course of study in maintaining medical records, interviewing patients, and handling billing tasks, including a one-month field placement.
  • Medical Transcriptionist—Learn the methods involved in accurately transcribing doctors' voice memos through this 52-week program incorporating two months of in-the-field experience.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant—Get entry-level training related to carrying out rehabilitation treatments under the direction of an occupational therapist through this 16-week program that can also qualify you to take a certification exam to become a personal training specialist.
  • Personal Support Worker—Obtain the ability to assist patients and families with basic care needs—within a variety of settings like private homes and nursing facilities—in only 26 weeks.
  • Pharmacy Assistant—Begin mastering the in-demand skills of compounding pharmaceuticals, tracking inventory, and keeping accurate patient records in a 43-week program that also includes 200 hours of real-world practice. ($1,000.00 Bursary Available)
  • Physiotherapy Assistant—Receive 43 weeks of training, including 10 weeks of in-the-field experience, in the theory and techniques involved in carrying out treatment plans prescribed by physical therapists.
  • Physiotherapy Assistant / Occupational Therapy Assistant—Achieve a practical and well-rounded understanding of physical and occupational therapy treatment methods in 63 weeks of focused courses, which include a 500-hour practicum.

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Be part of a professional sector that works to maintain a fair and peaceful society. Through training designed to educate you in the essentials of the Canadian justice system, you can acquire valuable new abilities while strengthening your employment prospects. From legal assistance to law enforcement and security, these programs have helped many students enter honourable career fields. Explore the options:

  • Law Clerk—Start getting the expertise required to excel in an administrative role within a legal setting through this 60-week course of training that also lets you experience two months of practical field work. ($2,000.00 Bursary Available)
  • Law Clerk Specialist—Set your professional goals in motion by learning what it takes to assist lawyers and judges in this 61-week program that includes a real-world internship and can prepare you for exciting opportunities in many kinds of legal settings.
  • Law and Security Officer—Uncover essential legal and criminal justice skills in this 34-week program in order to take on a variety of security and surveillance positions within the private sector.
  • Legal Assistant—Take advantage of this 37-week program that offers practical training related to providing various kinds of support to lawyers, including legal research, documentation, and other interesting administrative tasks.
  • Paralegal—Prepare for an interesting legal career that enables you to work side-be-side with lawyers by completing a 52-week education that also gives you one month as an intern in a genuine work environment. ($3,000.00 Bursary Available)
  • Police Foundations—Learn about firearms safety, security and investigations procedures, and lots more as you go through 52 weeks of training led by instructors who have had decades of experience as police officers.

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Supply Chain Programs

Get into a field that offers a compelling variety of career paths. The transportation and shipping industry is at the very core of what keeps the economy moving. It takes truck drivers, distribution experts, inventory managers, customer service reps, and many other professionals with specialized knowledge to ensure that products make it from where they're manufactured to where we can purchase them. It's an industry that expects to have a growing need for skilled workers in the years ahead. Find a training opportunity that interest you:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics—Go through 50 weeks of extensive training—including four months of field work—related to the purchasing, management, inventory, and transportation of merchandise.
  • Supply Chain Management—Learn more about the best practices involved in planning and overseeing the procurement and delivery of goods, such as tasks related to negotiating with suppliers, following regulations, controlling inventory, and maintaining positive customer relations.

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9 Student-Friendly Campuses in Southwestern Ontario

At triOS College, you can attend class at one of nine locations which have been chosen for easy accessibility. Every campus can be reached through the convenient public transportation options that this area of Ontario is so well-known for. Plus, you'll also get to learn in the heart of Canada's most economically and culturally vibrant region. It's home to many of the nation's top employers.

252 Queen St E
Brampton ON L6V 1C1

4 Hughson St S
Hamilton ON L8N 3Z1

110 King St E
Kitchener ON N2G 0A5

520 First St
London ON N5V 3C6

55 City Centre Dr 2nd Floor
Mississauga ON L5B 1M3

200 John St Ste C5
Oshawa ON L1J 2B4

1333 Kennedy Rd Unit 1
Scarborough ON M1P 2L6

425 Bloor St E Ste 200
Toronto ON M4W 3R4

7610 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor ON N8T 1E9

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Not all programs are offered at all locations.

* Evening program options available in Toronto & Brampton only.

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