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Windsor Career College

Toronto, Ontario

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Windsor Career CollegeWindsor Career College (WCC) offers people like you the opportunity to quickly learn new skills for great occupations.

In less than a year, you can earn an employer-recognized diploma that helps open more doors for your future. That means you now have the chance to start achieving some of your most important goals, whether you're a beginner or want to expand your existing skill set.

Plus, at WCC, you can benefit from a truly supportive teaching approach and comfortable learning environment. In fact, you'll study just one subject at a time, which makes it easier to completely understand what you're learning. Thanks to small class sizes, you can also receive personalized attention from qualified instructors who have real-world experience. And through hands-on training, you can start gaining practical abilities for the career you want. You'll even have access to job-search assistance.

So find out what a short, career-directed program can do for you. Let WCC know that you want to receive additional details right away!

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Windsor Career College Programs

School of Healthcare Programs

Expand your career-ready skills in just 42 weeks or less. These diploma programs are designed to prepare you for good opportunities in the healthcare field that involve either helping patients directly or assisting other professionals with essential functions. For example, you can learn how to provide business-related support in a medical office setting, personal care in people's homes, or assistance in a pharmacy or therapeutic environment.

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Physical Therapist Assistant

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School of Business Programs

Start gaining the sought-after abilities that can make you a real office pro. In 30 weeks or less, WCC can teach you how to perform a great variety of important tasks related to supporting businesses or legal firms. You'll learn about software-based accounting systems, databases, and spreadsheets. And you'll have the opportunity to learn how to create reports and presentations, manage files electronically, process information, communicate effectively, and more.

  • Legal Office Assistant
  • Office Administration

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School of Design Programs

Enhance your creative talents and prepare for fun career opportunities in just 34 weeks. In these programs, you can start learning how to visually communicate various kinds of concepts, generate great design ideas, and make those ideas come to life with the help of powerful software. As a graphic designer, you could combine your artistry with marketing-oriented sensibilities. Or as a computer-aided drafting (CAD) specialist, you could contribute to the success of an architectural, engineering, or industrial-manufacturing firm.

  • Engineering Design & Drafting Technologist
  • Graphic Design

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School of Technology Program

Develop the kind of technical expertise that can allow you to pursue a large range of better opportunities. In only 40 weeks, you can gain marketable skills related to designing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and providing support for computer systems and local area networks. You'll also learn about network security and have the chance to expand your analytical, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Computer Networking & Security

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A Convenient Toronto Campus

By getting your education in Canada's largest city, you'll be close to a vast array of opportunities. Plus, WCC's classrooms are well equipped to provide the kind of training that helps you take advantage of those opportunities. Simply put, the campus is a student-friendly learning environment that's easy to access and geared toward empowering your professional potential.


Toronto, Ontario
1625 Albion Rd
Ste 203 2nd Floor
Toronto ON M9V 5H8

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