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North American Trade SchoolsNorth American Trade Schools (NATS) delivers skill-focused career training that is directed to the needs of the student and the employer. NATS places emphasis on quality workmanship, proper attitude, and good attendance. This will equip students with the skills needed to successfully obtain employment upon completion of their program.

NATS offers small class sizes, so that students can receive personalized attention. Training is professional and delivered by instructors that have relevant industry experience. Students have the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment, and employment preparation and placement assistance is available to all graduates. In addition, NATS is experiencing rapid growth and is continually adding new programs to keep up with industry and student demands. This will ensure that students receive training in a field that is relevant to their career aspirations.

Canada is currently short between 25,000 and 60,000 workers in the skilled trades sector. In the next two decades, 40% of the new jobs will be in the skilled trades and technologies. By 2020, it is estimated that Canada could be short about 1 million workers due to an aging population and declining birth rates.*

Skilled trades and technologies is a fast-growing sector and graduates will find themselves in lucrative, exciting careers working for an employer or as an entrepreneur. NATS is an excellent way to gain entry to the trades sector and is recognized as one of the nation's foremost technical training facilities, which students are proud to be a part of. If you're ready to start a stimulating career and become job-ready in less than a year, take a look at the programs offered at NATS today!

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NATS Programs:


Challenge yourself. Choose the Cabinetmaking program from North American Trade Schools. This program offers you:

  • The chance to put your natural hands-on skills to good use
  • Classroom and lab training opportunities
  • Practical experiences to prepare you for life in the field
  • A diploma credential that can add to your resume

Upon graduation, you could be ready to take on a career in cabinetmaking and installation, as well as carpentry, architectural millwork, and furniture construction.

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Construction & Maintenance Electrician — Pre-Apprenticeship

Gain the practical skills you need to get into the electrical trade. At NATS, you'll be trained in the basics of everything from wiring and installation to equipment testing and repair. That way, you can enter the field feeling confident in your abilities. It's training aimed at giving you a solid background for pursuing an electrician career in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector.

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Home Renovation Technician

The Home Renovation Technician program covers a wide range of material from blueprint reading to site preparation then allows you to practice your practical skills through an emphasis on mill work, carpentry, interior and exterior finishes, and roofing. In addition, NATS can allow you to gain basic plumbing and electrical training.

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HVAC Technician

An HVAC career offers you freedom, flexibility, and the potential to become your own boss. This is an excellent skilled trade to enter, because your work opportunities are not dependent on the season or the weather; your skills can keep you employed year-round.

In this program, classroom learning is backed up with hands-on practice. This is how you can learn to install and maintain electric, gas, oil, and propane heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Your skills can be applied in residential, industrial, and commercial settings. The training also allows you to explore the areas of installing and servicing of heating and cooling equipment. NATS can also allow you to build your familiarity with all types of equipment. This includes pipe cutters, measurement gauges, thermometers, and manometers. North American Trade Schools is a registered TSSA test centre.

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Solar Energy Technician

By getting firsthand training in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of solar energy equipment, you can put yourself on course to achieving the type of leading-edge career you want. After all, the use of solar photovoltaic and thermal technology continues to rise, which means specialized technicians and consultants are needed to help keep that progress going. Plus, this program gives you the chance to earn recognized certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

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Welding Technology

The Welding Technology program can prepare you to take on a variety of welding processes, including Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (T.I.G.), Metal Arc Welding (M.I.G.) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick). NATS can also provide you with a solid foundation of theoretical welding knowledge. North American Trade Schools is an approved CWB test centre.

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NATS Locations:

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*Source: Skilled Trades, Government of Canada's Sector Council Program, Fact Sheet, The Skills Shortage, on the Internet at (visited December 7, 2010).