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edX - Cannabis

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Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Needs

A women smiling in a blue shirtThe legal cannabis industry has emerged as a significant and rapidly expanding sector, offering various career opportunities across cultivation, processing, medical applications, compliance, testing, and research. As more states in the USA legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is increasing, reflecting its broadening legal acceptance and societal recognition.

To meet the industry's demands, educational institutions have begun offering specialized training programs in cannabis studies. For individuals interested in pursuing a career in the legal cannabis industry, now is an opportune time to engage in specialized training. The expanding market offers a variety of roles and the chance to be part of an industry at the forefront of a global shift in cultural attitudes and legal practices regarding cannabis.

By investing in proper training and education, aspiring professionals can position themselves advantageously in a field that promises a dynamic blend of science, agriculture, law, and business. Each sector within the industry offers unique challenges and opportunities. With the right preparation, individuals could have rewarding careers that contribute to the growth and development of this ever-growing field.

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What you will learn:

  • Cannabis plant and industry history.
  • The difference between marijuana and hemp.
  • Cannabis breeding, cultivation, and harvesting techniques.
  • Post-harvest cannabis processing and extraction methods.
  • U.S. regulations, testing, and compliance in farming, processing, and making consumer-facing products in the cannabis industry.
  • Professions in the cannabis industry.

Gain a competitive advantage in the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Needs certificate program is designed for learners interested in increasing their knowledge about the cannabis plant and the emerging legal cannabis industry. The rapidly growing cannabis market includes a variety of trending hemp products made from hemp fiber, seeds, and oil, including popular CBD products. Learn more about these cannabis products as well as cannabis plant history, cultivation, processing, and best practices for cannabis industry compliance.

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General Overview of Cannabis and the Industry's Outlook and Professions

  • An in-depth view of cannabis and its potential uses.

Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

  • Investigate the cultivation and processing of cannabis, starting from seeds to a diversity of end products for a global market.

Cannabis Compliance, Testing, and Research

  • Identify legal operations in the cannabis industry and investigate how research and development can advance cannabis science.

Pursue this certificate program from edX today, and take the first step towards a career in the legal cannabis industry!

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