Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Schools in California

Hospitality Schools in CaliforniaGet into an exciting, fast-paced field that offers many rewarding job opportunities.

Hospitality schools in California are set up to help go-getting people like you prepare for professional careers related to the travel and tourism industry. From restaurants and hotels to theme parks and cruise lines, the employment possibilities open to those with hospitality training are truly fun and varied. And getting your start in this field doesn't require a long education. Tourism schools in California frequently offer short programs that take only two years or less to complete.

So take a meaningful step toward succeeding in an industry you enjoy. Simply request further information from one of the following schools today!

Top Three Reasons to Pursue a Hospitality Career in California

Top Three Reasons to Pursue a Hospitality Career in California

1. You Can Capitalize on the State's Beauty and Diversity

Hospitality Schools in CaliforniaWith its sunny skies, notable landmarks, and cultural variety, California is a beacon for people who want adventurous getaways and memorable experiences. In fact, it is America's top travel destination, with tourists spending more than a hundred billion dollars in the state every year.1 And that results in an especially rich environment for hospitality students and professionals. Just consider the great internship opportunities and fascinating places you can work. California is easily one of the most ideal locations for building a foundation in this large and active industry.

2. A Vast Number of Opportunities Exist

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in California. In 2018, more than 665,000 jobs were generated in the areas of food service and accommodations as a result of travel spending.1 The state's restaurant industry alone employs more than 1.8 million people to help delight both tourists and existing residents, and that figure is expected to grow almost 10 percent between 2019 and 2029.2

3. You Can Find a Student-Focused School

California isn't just a great place to visit. It's also a terrific place to discover training options at schools that put your ambitions first. That means you can get a truly practical hospitality education that is geared toward helping you establish the skills and credentials to shine as a new professional.

Regardless of your background, you can probably find an option that fits your particular interests. And it's very easy to do. Just explore the following hospitality schools in California. Then send at least one a quick request for additional information right away!

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