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South Hills School of Business & Technology

Altoona · State College

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South Hills School of Business & TechnologyGet a skills-based education that can help change your life for the better.

At South Hills School of Business & Technology, you can start preparing for a future that you really aspire to. Regardless of your prior work experience, the specialized training at this school is designed to put your career ambitions in forward motion. With a variety of diploma and associate degree programs to choose from, you can learn industry-valued skills in less time than you might expect.

Plus, each program includes a real-world internship that spans several weeks. That way, you can start building a professional network and gaining relevant experience before you even graduate. In fact, the school organizes an exclusive career fair every spring where you can meet potential employers and learn about possible places to intern.

Also, many students qualify for financial aid. Some students are even eligible for scholarship opportunities. And military veterans and their families may qualify for educational benefits.

So mobilize your true potential. Ask South Hills to provide you with more information right away!

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South Hills School of Business & Technology Programs


Set your professional aspirations in motion by learning skills that can be applied within all types of organizations. Whether you want to focus on the financial side or get into leadership and strategy, these programs can prepare you to take on important roles. In addition to studying fundamental business concepts, you can gain hands-on expertise with commonly used software and develop many other practical abilities that help you succeed.

  • Business Administration - Accounting
  • Business Administration - Management & Marketing

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Pursue a rewarding career in a meaningful industry that continues to grow. At South Hills, you can choose from a variety of programs designed to help you develop important skills for the healthcare sector. For example, maybe you want to work on the clinical side by using high-tech ultrasound equipment. Or maybe you'd like to contribute to the administrative side as a specialist in electronic health records or coding and billing. Or perhaps you would enjoy doing both clinical and administrative work in a doctor's office or similar setting.

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Coding & Billing

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Boost your ability to establish a high-tech career that engages your inner problem solver. In these programs, you can learn a wide variety of in-demand technical and non-technical skills. For instance, you can gain expertise in developing software, building mobile apps, creating websites, or working with computer hardware, networks, and databases. Or you can pursue a course of study aimed at preparing you for a career as a technician, drafter, or designer in the field of civil, mechanical, or architectural engineering.

  • Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development and Programming

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Graphic Arts

Channel your creativity into a vocational path that's full of fun opportunities. South Hills can help you transform your existing talents into practical abilities that are needed by a huge range of potential clients and employers. You can learn how to design for print, the Web, and other forms of visual media, including video—from concept to completion. You'll receive training in the use of common software packages like Adobe Creative Suite. And you'll develop a mixed portfolio that includes both print and digital examples of your work.

  • Graphic Arts

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Criminal Justice

Strengthen your career potential by following your interest in law, order, and fairness. This program can help you gain essential core knowledge related to many aspects of the criminal justice system. In addition to learning about relevant socio-economic issues, you'll study fundamental concepts related to security, family and criminal law, crime scene investigation, and common legal procedures. You'll also receive a variety of hands-on training, including in the use of pepper spray and handcuffs.

  • Criminal Justice

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2 Locations in Central Pennsylvania

Each South Hills campus offers an appealing variety of specialized programs. Plus, you can take part in fun and enriching activities outside the classroom. For example, you'll find an interesting assortment of student clubs that can enhance your learning experience. You'll also have access to career services, including helpful advice and informational resources related to your job search.

541 58th St
Altoona PA 16602

State College
480 Waupelani Dr
State College PA 16801

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