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Platt College

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Platt College - OklahomaLet Platt College help you develop your career talents so that you can turn your dreams into reality.

Employers desire employees with workplace-ready skills, and that's what you can develop when you choose Platt College. The school networks with local organizations to ensure that your education is both relevant and up to date. You can get ready to hit the job market with the skills that make employers take notice.

From the moment you enroll, school officials work closely with you to create a plan that can lead you to achieving your professional career goals. Whether you need assistance with admissions, financial aid, or career services, Platt College has friendly staff members ready to offer guidance. And your instructors care about your success too. They work with you to help you acquire the knowledge and abilities that can make your transition from school to the workforce as seamless as possible.

If you are ready to begin developing the confidence and skills you need to excel in the workforce, then contact Platt College today. It only takes a moment to take the first step toward launching your new career!

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Platt College Programs

Health Care & Wellness

Platt College can help you become a valued health care team member. You could prepare to work directly with patients in a medical or dental office, or other medical setting. Or you could fulfill a role behind the scenes in a health care establishment, working to keep everything organized and efficient. Whatever program you choose, Platt College can help you attain the professional knowledge and real-world abilities that are desired in today's workforce.

You will spend time fine-tuning your skills in labs that are set up to reflect what you will find in the medical industry. Your program may also include an externship that offers practical experience as part of your training. You may also qualify to sit for additional industry-certification exams that can enhance your appeal to employers.

  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Clinical Assistant
  • Practical Nursing

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Platt College Location

This location is home to a variety of health care programs. It also offers hands-on labs and a learning resource center to support your studies. Plus, since it is situated just off of Interstate 44, the campus is easy to access, and Southroads Shopping Center is only five minutes away.

3801 S Sheridan Rd
Tulsa OK 74145

Prepare for Positive Change

Platt College can help you acquire the professional competence that makes you stand out to employers. By taking a minute to request more information from the school today, you could be on your way to pursuing exciting new opportunities.

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