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Plus, this school is dedicated to making the online learning experience just as good as what you can get on campus. The instructors are eager to contribute to your growth and success. And your curriculum will be relevant to the industry you're training for. You'll also have around-the-clock access to an online library and a virtual lounge where you can interact with other students.

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Start Learning Skills for an Amazing Career in Health Care

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help patients and physicians in a doctor's office or other kind of medical environment? Medical assistants get to use their people-oriented personalities while enjoying an interesting variety of administrative, laboratory, and patient-focused tasks.

With as little as 40 weeks of training from PCI, you can develop the entry-level expertise that's necessary for getting started in this rewarding industry. You'll learn about several aspects of this career, including giving injections, collecting blood samples, checking vital signs, performing EKGs, and communicating with patients and other members of your health care team.

Get Hands-On Experience

Most of your medical assistant training will happen online. But the program also includes two weeks of hands-on training with manikins and real patients. The in-person "boot camp" training is designed to give you additional preparation for real-world opportunities and potential CCMA certification.

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