Oregon Culinary Institute

Portland, Oregon

Oregon Culinary InstituteLearn in a foodie city among professionals who focus on local, seasonal, and farm-to-table fare.

Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI) is a school that can make a real difference in your life. It is a locally owned and operated culinary institute, which means that the people designing and delivering your education live and work in Portland. They know what it takes to succeed in a progressive culinary industry. In fact, the founders have more than 50 years of collective experience as part of the Portland food scene.

You want to choose a school that can start preparing you to meet the demands of commercial kitchens and exceed the expectations of head chefs and restaurant owners. And that is exactly what OCI can offer. You can develop market-valued skills through hands-on training in classrooms and labs. You don't just sit and watch your instructors. You get your hands dirty while learning and working right alongside them.

OCI also wants you to have some fun. The school works to fuel your love for learning by getting you out of the classroom and into the wild. You may get to go on adventures like foraging for mushrooms in the forest. The farm-to-table philosophy is strong in Portland, and that same philosophy is a focus at OCI. You can learn how to run a restaurant kitchen ethically and sustainably.

So, do you want an opportunity to be the next student who walks out of the doors at OCI and straight into a commercial kitchen ready to succeed? Contact the school today to find out how you can start preparing to make that happen!

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Real-Life Restaurant Training

OCI is so committed to hands-on learning that you will get to work at the on-campus, student-run restaurant. It is open to the public five days a week for both lunch and dinner. And once you have had an opportunity to develop strong culinary skills within the restaurant, you will then embark on a professional externship.

Through its extensive network of restaurants and chefs across the country, OCI will help you find an externship that suits your professional goals. And having access to that same network can also help you land a post-grad job. Oregon Culinary Institute can offer you both real-world restaurant experience and valuable industry connections.

Culinary Arts Programs

Obtain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to keep up in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen. Whether your goal is to prepare to get into the workforce quickly, run a kitchen, or even start your own culinary business, Oregon Culinary Institute can help you achieve it. You can choose to earn a diploma in less than a year or an associate degree in 18 months. Your culinary career goals are within your reach.

  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Management - Culinary Arts

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Baking & Pastry Programs

Learn the art and science behind creating beautiful and delicious baked goods and pastries. Oregon Culinary Institute can teach you about the importance of careful attention, precision, and creativity. You can start preparing for entry-level jobs quickly with a diploma program that takes less than a year to complete. Or, in approximately 18 months, you could earn an associate degree and be ready to start pursuing your biggest dreams.

  • Baking and Pastry
  • Hospitality Management - Baking and Pastry

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Foodie Paradise

Live, learn, and work in the foodie paradise of the Pacific Northwest. The food scene in Portland is strong, and you can be right in the midst of it. Oregon Culinary Institute is located in the heart of Portland in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Some of the world's best chefs call Portland home, and many hot culinary trends have been started here. In fact, Portland probably has more culinary variety than any other city of equal size in the country. Can you think of a better place to start preparing for an exceptional culinary career?

1701 SW Jefferson St
Portland OR 97201

Your Next Step

Are you ready to join Portland's finest? Oregon Culinary Institute is devoted to developing the chef, baker, or restaurant entrepreneur in each and every student. A culinary diploma or degree from OCI shows potential employers that you have a passion for food and the knowledge to put it to work. So ask OCI for more information today so that you can begin releasing your own inner kitchen ninja!

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Oregon Culinary Institute Accreditation

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