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Colleges in Rhode Island (RI), particularly career-oriented trade schools, help empower students from many different backgrounds to greatly expand their potential. Through skills-focused vocational programs, these schools ensure that motivated learners like you get the opportunity to explore a whole new world of professional possibilities.

And don't forget: Rhode Island colleges and technical schools are in one of America's most inspiring regions. This state's historic charm and significance is matched by its natural beauty and forward-looking communities.

In short, this small-yet-mighty state offers plenty of big opportunities for anyone who aspires to a more enriching personal and vocational life. So look into some of the most intriguing trade schools and colleges in RI right now!

3 Rhode Island Career Sectors That Are Rich with Opportunity

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Lincoln Tech

  • Lincoln
  • Dental Assistant
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Nursing (Practical)

New England Tractor Trailer Training School

  • Pawtucket
  • Commercial Drivers License Training
  • HVAC Technician Training

3 Rhode Island Career Sectors That Are Rich with Opportunity

Discover Colleges in RIWith a population of over one million people, Rhode Island benefits from a wide diversity of talent.* And even though this New England state is geographically small, its 39 different municipalities support many important and fascinating industries.** In fact, the region's close proximity to world-class cities like Boston and New York City makes it a terrific place for those with ambitions of working in powerful or emerging career sectors.

For example, tourism is one of Rhode Island's top economic generators due to the state's 400-plus miles of coastline, 60-plus miles of paved biking paths, incredible collection of historic sites, and well-recognized art and culinary scenes.*** And manufacturing continues to thrive in the region, especially in areas like marine technology, green energy, and medical devices.

Plus, you can't overlook reliable career categories like personal care services, which are expected to see an increase in employment of over 18 percent between 2012 and 2022 and include fun occupations such as cosmetology.*

Regardless of which community you reside in, you'll be very close to the Atlantic Ocean and all of Rhode Island's opportunities. That means you can live in the town or city you enjoy most, whether it's the urban core of Providence, an attractive suburban area like Warwick or Lincoln, or an especially prosperous area like East Greenwich.

And that's the bottom line: Rhode Island allows for lots of options. Here are three more sectors worth giving special consideration to:

1. Health Services

When combined with social assistance, this industry is already Rhode Island's largest.** And, from 2012 to 2022, it is expected to generate over 13,850 new jobs—more than any other sector. In fact, employment in the area of health care support alone is projected to rise by more than 20 percent over that time period.*

Major reasons for that fast rate of growth include the state's aging baby boomer population, a big increase in the number of residents with health insurance, and advances in the medical field that require more professionals with the skills and qualifications to help patients take advantage of them.

2. Skilled Trades

Rhode IslandEmployment in Rhode Island's construction industry is expected to grow faster than that of any other occupational sector—about 26.6 percent between 2012 and 2022. Building construction, in particular, is predicted to provide a lot of new jobs, with an employment increase of over 36 percent for qualified tradespeople. Yet, even those within non-construction specialty trades can look forward to a potential rise of nearly 24 percent in job opportunities.* It's why trade schools in Rhode Island remain a very enticing option for career seekers.

3. Digital Technology and Design

Here's an important stat: By 2018, more than six out of every 10 jobs in Rhode Island will be in the category of knowledge work, which usually relies heavily on digital information technology. In fact, efforts are underway to turn this state into a major global player in the area of digital production and design by 2020.****

It's a goal that is grounded in some very impressive realities. For instance, Rhode Island has been ranked as the top state in America for broadband Internet speed. And high-speed online connectivity is available to about 97 percent of the state's residents and businesses, with wireless broadband covering 100 percent of the region.***

Plus, Rhode Island is one of the few regions aiming to place just as much importance on art and design as on science, technology, and engineering. Leaders in the state recognize that artists and designers are essential to the process of innovation, especially when it comes to breakthroughs in areas like digital media, entertainment, and product design.

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