Colleges and Trade Schools in Chicago

Chicago Trade SchoolsYou're getting ready to graduate from high school and the search is on for colleges and trade schools in Chicago. You're considering and weighing all of your options. You're excited to get started on your journey toward your highly-anticipated future and this much-awaited moment.

Or maybe you've put off furthering your education for the last time and you're ready to get started now. No matter where you are starting from, nothing should deter you from achieving your goals. And finding the right school can be your first step. Take a look through the great program options listed below or find a school quickly and easily using the zip-code search tool!

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Featured Schools

Lincoln Tech

  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Medical Assistant

Coyne College

  • Electrical Construction and Maintenance
  • Electrical Construction and Planning
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
  • Pharmacy Technician

Universal Technical Institute

  • Automotive Technology
  • Diesel & Industrial Technology

Why Chicago is a Great City for Post-Secondary Training

ChicagoIf you've lived in Chicago your whole life you probably already know what makes it a great city. Chicago has character. Chicago has class. Chicago has style. And, Chicago has history. It's is also the third largest city in the entire country.

Higher education programs and opportunities in Chicago include a plentiful choice of post-secondary schools, ranging from universities to technical and trade schools to career colleges.

Convenient Transportation Options

When you're a college student in Chicago, chances are good that you're living on a budget while you work through school. One of the many perks of attending university, college, or trade school in this city is that the public transit system is geared for convenience.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers buses and trains that run throughout the city for reasonable rates. Plus, some schools offer the option of a "U-Pass,"* which allows students to catch a CTA bus or train to and from wherever they want, whenever they want. This can make traveling a breeze for college students. It's easy and it's affordable—two perks that every college student both wants and needs.

The Future is Bright for an Education and Career in Chicago

The future looks bright for a career in Chicago. In fact, between 2014 and 2024, the number of jobs in the region that includes Chicago could rise by over six percent. That equates to more than 171,240 new job opportunities.****

Here's what Chicago-area professionals earn, on average, in the following occupational sectors (as of May 2018):**

  • Legal—$125,550
  • Management—$121,050
  • Math and computer technology—$89,130
  • Engineering and architecture—$84,130
  • Healthcare (practitioners and technical professionals)—$82,250
  • Business and finance—$77,340
  • Construction and extraction—$70,670
  • Education—$57,380
  • Art, design, media, and entertainment—$55,770
  • Protective services—$53,680
  • Installation and maintenance—$52,080
  • Community and social services—$49,570
  • Administrative support—$40,380
  • Healthcare support—$32,800

And here are a few of the top-paying careers and the average salaries they bring in:**

  • IT managers—$146,050
  • Marketing managers—$132,170
  • Health services managers—$127,190
  • Human resources managers—$122,470
  • Construction managers—$96,500
  • Information security analysts—$99,430
  • Application software developers—$97,780
  • Management analysts—$96,300
  • Financial analysts—$90,190

For those with a focus on creativity, Chicago can also provide some unique opportunities. With constant activity in the music, theater, and culinary industries, it can truly offer a lot to someone interested in studying to join a creative profession.***

If you're ready to get in on the action, search for colleges and trade schools in Chicago right now and request free information from the ones that interest you!

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