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Trade Schools in ModestoStart accomplishing your goals in a fast-growing California city full of opportunity.

Trade schools and colleges in Modesto, CA help ambitious individuals train for appealing careers in good industries. Their convenient programs emphasize the development of skills that match the needs of many local employers and emerging vocational sectors.

Plus, Modesto colleges enable you to get your training in a place with a substantially lower cost of living than the California average.* And the whole Central Valley region is filled with friendly people and fascinating things to do when you're not in class.

So find the career colleges or trade schools in Modesto that can help you meet your goals. Check out the following list, or use your zip code to find the schools nearest to you.

3 of Modesto's Most Promising Industries

Featured Schools

San Joaquin Valley College

  • Modesto
  • Business Office Administration
  • Criminal Justice: Corrections
  • Electrical Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office
  • Pharmacy Technology

Institute of Technology

  • Modesto
  • Baking and Pastry Specialist
  • Criminology and Emergency Response Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Medical Billing and Office Administration

3 of Modesto's Most Promising Industries

Find Colleges in Modesto, CA California's San Joaquin Valley has been a major agricultural region for a long time. But it's starting to become known for the success of many additional industries. And Modesto, which is the largest city in the valley's Stanislaus County, is especially primed for new growth and prosperity across a variety of sectors.

Modesto has already grown to over 210,000 residents.** And when you consider the entire county, the population exceeds 530,000 people and is expected to grow by almost 30 percent to more than 684,000 residents by 2030.*** It's a level of growth that will likely create a big demand for qualified business professionals, criminal justice specialists, and culinary pros. After all, Modesto's vibrant downtown continues to be revitalized, and new restaurants are being added to an existing base of about 200 dining establishments.****

But a few of the most extraordinary career sectors in this region include:

1. Health and Medical Care

Stanislaus County's health care sector has been a leading generator of jobs in the region for many years. In fact, at least 14,480 Californians are directly employed by the sector.*** And Modesto has at least four major medical centers, providing many great career opportunities.*

Great opportunities exist throughout this industry, particularly for those with skills in areas like dental or medical assisting, nursing, respiratory therapy, and pharmacy technology. Plus, a lot of medical and biotech companies need qualified IT specialists, network administrators, and software developers as part of their innovation and data security efforts.

2. Renewable Energy

With more than 260 days of sunshine per year, Modesto and the surrounding region is well-suited for the generation of solar power.*** As a result, Stanislaus County is home to several solar energy companies. In addition, efforts are also being put into the development of biofuels, biomass energy, and more energy-efficient building construction. It's all helping to spur demand for qualified professionals like industrial and electrical engineering technicians, green-energy HVAC specialists, and environmental construction project managers.

3. Manufacturing and Food Processing

In 2010, manufacturing was the largest economic sector in Stanislaus County.*** And it continues to be a very strong industry. When you add in the region's well-established food processing industry, this whole sector represents an amazing number of related career possibilities. Two of the most intriguing examples include the vocational areas of industrial maintenance technology and drafting and design technology, which are both important for the planning and operation of factories and other industrial facilities.

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