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Independence UniversityPrepare to discover the advantages of online learning.

Simple, convenient, flexible, fully online programs are all within your reach when you choose Independence University (IU). You could benefit from online, career-focused training that is tailored to adult learners just like you. And you can take comfort in knowing that online learning does not mean that you will miss out on enriching student experiences like you might encounter in more traditional settings.

IU has created an interactive student-learning platform that brings the classroom to your living room, or wherever it is most convenient for you to complete your studies. Your coursework is accessible 24/7 so that you are able to attend lectures and take exams completely around your busy schedule. Online access to instructors, tutors, and advisors means that help with your studies is only a click away. You are even assigned an associate dean who can assist you as your learning coach. This is all a part of IU's commitment to help you succeed.

From admissions consultants and financial planners to qualified instructors and career advisers, there are helpful staff and faculty members ready to assist you every step of the way. And the instructors are working professionals who possess the real-world experience that backs up what they are teaching. You can feel confident that you are learning employer-valued skills that could help you excel in the workforce.

So are you ready to make a decision that could change your life for the better? Monthly start dates can allow you to begin learning with Independence University sooner than you expected. Start moving toward a successful career by requesting more information today!

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Flexible Degree Programs

No matter which program you choose, you can rest assured that your tuition is inclusive. That means that everything is included; you will not face additional fees for registration, textbooks, tutoring, or anything else. And as an added benefit, your tuition also includes a new tablet and laptop. IU provides you with a new tablet at the beginning of your program, followed by a new laptop loaded with any necessary software at the beginning of your fourth module. And you keep both when you graduate.

IU is all about supporting you. That's why the school makes it possible to study on your own schedule, at a pace that works for you. Associate's degree programs can be completed in as little as 20 months, and bachelor's degree programs can be completed in as little as 36 months, which is much faster than traditional four-year programs. Or maybe you already have a bachelor's degree and want to advance your career. Depending on the graduate program you choose, you can earn a master's degree in as little as 15 months.

In no time, you could be ready to hit the streets brimming with the confidence and skills that could grab the attention of employers. By collaborating with 430 businesses and healthcare organizations across the country, IU strives to ensure that the knowledge and abilities you develop are relevant and desired in the workforce. So if you are ready to be noticed, then uncover your training options below and find a program that matches up with your professional ambitions.

School of Healthcare

Do you want to prepare to enter one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country? Why not consider becoming a leader in the healthcare industry? You could be the person that provides the vision and direction that healthcare organizations require to be successful well into the future. If you want to obtain the administrative, financial, managerial, and medical knowledge needed to become a professional healthcare manager, then let Independence University help you get there.

Associate Degree

  • Medical Assisting

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Health Services Management
  • Nursing (RN completion to BS)

Master's Degrees

  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing Education

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School of Technology

Independence University collaborates with a national program advisory committee consisting of several top IT employers that assist in guiding program development. Their goal is to equip you with the real-world knowledge that can help you excel in some of today's hottest IT sectors, such as computer networking, systems security, and software development. Whether you want to manage an organization's network infrastructure or develop groundbreaking software programs, IU is a great place to get started.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Cybersecurity & Networking
  • Software and Mobile Applications Development
  • Web Design and Development

Master's Degree

  • Information Systems

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School of Graphic Arts

Prepare to transform your creativity into a profitable and rewarding career. Independence University can help you obtain leading graphic design skills for helping companies deliver messages through online and print media. You will be supplied with a new Mac laptop so that you can learn the essentials of modern graphic design, and you could even specialize in an area like communications or web design.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Graphic Arts
  • Graphic Arts - Information Design Emphasis

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School of Business

Independence University could assist you in gaining the competitive foothold that can help you step onto the business landscape with strength. The curriculum is developed with feedback that comes from IU's large network of business professionals, many of which work for some of the largest companies across the nation. The goal is to help you develop current knowledge that can assist you with getting ahead in your chosen field whether you want to work as a forensic accountant, online marketing specialist, or anything in between.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Accounting
  • Accounting - Forensic Accounting Emphasis
  • Business Administration
    • Human Resources Emphasis
    • Marketing Emphasis
    • Technology Emphasis

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Valuable Student Services

When you choose Independence University, you may quickly find that caring staff members are available to help you whenever you need it. The school's admission consultants can assist you right from your first contact. From helping you decide which program to take to guiding you through enrollment and admissions procedures, IU's aim is to personalize your experience and make sure that all of your unique questions are addressed.

Once you have decided on a program, informative financial planners can help you develop a plan for paying your tuition. They can show you your financial aid options within the federal, state, and private sectors, and they can assist you with completing applications and forms. It could be easier to pay for school than you realize.

In its effort to help make schooling as affordable as possible, IU will review any previous college transcripts you may have to see if you have transferable credits. And there's no need to worry if you don't know where to find your transcripts; IU can obtain them for you at no additional charge, and you also will not be charged if transfer credits are applied. It's all a part of the university's commitment to save you time and money.

Beneficial Options for Military Members, Veterans, & Military Spouses & Dependents

Independence University employs military financial specialists who can help you navigate your options. If you are:

  • An active-duty member, you could start earning your degree without interrupting your military service so that you can begin preparing for your post-military career. You may qualify for military tuition discounts and tuition assistance programs that could lead to having a portion or all of your tuition paid.
  • A veteran, IU can help you navigate the Veterans Educational Assistance Program and uncover other assistance programs or grants that can help you cover tuition costs.
  • A military spouse or dependent, you could benefit from programs that have been developed to help you pay your tuition fees.

Success Starts Right Here

Are you ready for a professional breakthrough? Take this opportunity to move closer to achieving your career ambitions. Request more information from Independence University today so that you can start working toward the life you deserve!

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