International Diving Career Institute at Hall's

Marathon, Florida Keys

International Diving Career Institute at Hall's Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Do you find the beauty and mystery of the ocean intriguing? Are you serious about diving, wanting to make a career from it? The International Diving Career Institute at Hall's is waiting for a student like you.

Hall's can help make an exciting new world of adventure available to you. You can earn the opportunity to experience the joy of a recreational diving career, traveling and diving in exotic locations, receiving lucrative pay, and experiencing high demand for your professional services. Adventure tourism is a hot trend, and diving holds nearly unlimited growth potential. Many diving graduates find full- and part-time job opportunities.

Plus, you can get started at the International Diving Career Institute at Hall's without any previous experience or waiting period. And you don't necessarily need prior certification or logged dives in order to start pursuing full certification. The skills-based training that is provided goes beyond what you may find through traditional certification agencies (such as NAUI, PADI, IANTD, NSC, etc.). Hall's has developed its own copyrighted, easy-to-learn system. It includes special materials and exercises that are designed to help students gain practical skills in diving technology as well as a competitive edge.

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Real Resort Training

The International Diving Career Institute at Hall's is dedicated to offering high-quality programs and continually refining them based on the needs and feedback of potential employers within the industry. Students receive hands-on training in a real resort environment. Hall's bases student evaluations on performance of on-the-job skills at the campus resort, ensuring that students get the chance to become fully prepared to work in all aspects of a career at a diving resort.

The school is also committed to providing modern training equipment, including a 40-foot custom dive boat, extensive library, projectors, digital and video cameras, computers, and a submarine. You can receive expert instruction and leadership from qualified professionals. The day you graduate is the day you can become certified to work.

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Job Placement Assistance

Hall's boasts an exclusive job placement assistance program, which helps graduates find opportunities worldwide. Every year, many graduates find jobs in the diving industry. After all, the International Diving Career Institute at Hall's has a strong track record of producing exceptional, in-demand graduates who have a reputation for holding on to their jobs and displaying extraordinary diving skill.

Attending Hall's is like being on vacation while going to school. What more could you ask for? Get started in the wonderful world of aquatics today!

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Student Financial Assistance

To meet varying student needs, Hall's offers several easy financing options for students who qualify. These options are as follows:

  • Credit Card Financing - make your payments for all fees on your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card
  • Time Payment Loans for Professional Instructor Training Programs - cover 100% of your tuition and lab fees for up to a 60 month term
  • SLM Loans for Professional Instructor Training Programs - cover all related course fees at low interest rates for up to a 180 month term
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Grants - monthly cash allotments and educational payments to veterans or qualified dependents
  • JTPA Workforce Development or Other Grants - can pay all or part of fees; excellent option for displaced or retraining workers

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International Diving Career Institute at Hall's Programs

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Scuba Diving Instructor Certification

You are overlooking the ocean, watching the tide, trying to see the marine life just under the surface of the water. You think to yourself, "I want to explore the underwater world, swim with the fish and take in the natural beauty of ocean life." Did you know you can apply your passion and make a career out of diving? This is an option worth considering, and your dream can become reality through Hall's Scuba Diving Instructor training.

This is a state-of-the-art, progressive diving certification program. Receive instruction in the classroom, at the pool, and in the open water of the Atlantic Ocean. You will get the opportunity to learn how to teach any version of diving instruction, anywhere in the world. Hall's copyrighted special lectures and study guides can help you gain knowledge in areas such as equipment, environment, and diving physics. You will learn about decompression, gas mixes, Nitrox, and rebreathers.

You will also learn about oral presentation skills. As a Scuba Diving Instructor, you deliver presentations in diving classes and for open water orientations. You will learn about making presentations lively, fun, and educational, ensuring that your guests receive an experience they will never forget.

The most important aspect of the Hall's Scuba Diving Instructor certification program is the water training. You probably won't find a more ideal location for attending school. Hall's operates its own resort, allowing you to receive underwater instruction in a real diving environment, all in the beautiful Florida Keys. You can finish the program fully certified, with practical experience, which may enable you to find employment almost anywhere in the world. It's an opportunity to get on the path toward living your dream!

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Professional Rebreather & Deep Tech Instructor Training

You love diving but feel that there is so much more to explore. You want to go deeper and stay under longer. Hall's training as a Professional Deep Tech and Rebreather Instructor can open this world to you. While training with the latest recreational dive technology, you can learn how to use rebreathers, submersibles, and underwater communication systems. You can also learn technical diving theory and deeper diving techniques.

You will have the chance to see that rebreathers, submersibles, and tech diving allow you to stay under the water longer. Those technologies can allow you to explore more exotic ocean areas and reach greater depths, all while staying within safe diving limits. To gain access to a whole new world of diving, become a Professional Deep Tech and Rebreather Instructor.

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Professional Rebreather Instructor Training

Rebreathers are lighter and quieter than open-circuit scuba, offering an unobtrusive approach to marine life. Rebreathers provide warm, moist air to keep you warmer while creating constant neutral buoyancy at any depth. This all provides a natural, more comfortable diving style. You will learn about using computer technology and Nitrox to quadruple your dive time under water, which can cut your obligations for surface interval and decompression in half.

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Professional Deep Tech Instructor Training

Hall's Professional Deep Tech Instructor training introduces diving technology at the ultimate level. It teaches diving theory associated with safe staged decompression, use of mixed gases, advanced wreck diving, and gas blending. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to use underwater communication devices and submersibles. You will practice deep diving techniques and computer dive planning. You will perform simulated stage decompression on deep wrecks and reefs. And you can learn about everything associated with deeper, longer, safer bottom times.

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Divemaster / Boatmaster Training

You have never been a follower, always a leader. In your career, you want to lead people through their diving excursions, introducing them to the amazing world that exists under the sea. Hall's Divemaster / Boatmaster training can help you follow this dream. Being a Divemaster includes guiding other divers, enforcing safety, and creating an incredibly fun experience for you and your guests.

You will also get the chance to learn how to crew a vessel and react properly to an emergency. This is included in DART training. You'll learn about medical aspects, equipment, diving physics, decompression, and environmental issues. And you will practice oral open water presentations for boat preps and on-site dives. The most exciting part is learning about how to guide deep wreck dives, night dives, and shallow and deep reef dives. This provides well-rounded experience, which can lead to many more career opportunities.

Once you are a Divemaster, you can also train to be a Boatmaster. You can work with the captain and learn more technical aspects. This includes line handling, boating terms, anchoring, mooring, docking, steering, and seamanship. Divemaster / Boatmaster training can prepare you to guide diving adventures, right from the time guests board the boat to when they are experiencing the thrill of weightlessness in the ocean. Get your Gilligan's hat ready!

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Diving Accident Response Technician Training (DART)

A Diving Accident Response Technician is the first responder in the event of a diving accident. Although diving is safe, it is important to recognize that the occasional accident or rescue does occur. Hall's DART program can train you to take charge of the situation. It is highly important that you develop the ability to remain calm, cool, and collected since emergency situations can be intense and emotional.

This is not a light-duty program. It is full-fledged training similar to an EMT, but it is just for diving. You will practice life-saving rescue and accident management techniques. The program can prepare you to handle an emergency with ease. It can also provide you with a competitive edge. (The more skills you possess, the more career opportunities you can find.)

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Certified Diving Equipment Repair Training

Diving and equipment go hand in hand; there is no way to separate one from the other. Divers know that equipment does eventually get worn out or corroded and needs repair. Learning how to repair equipment can be very valuable for a diver since it increases earning potential and employability. This is why you should consider taking the Certified Diving Equipment Repair program at the International Diving Career Institute at Hall's.

Hall's will teach you about how to troubleshoot, clean, and reassemble many brands of equipment. And you can learn how to troubleshoot compressors, change filters, repair compressor system valves, and efficiently operate an air station. As a result, you may be able to take clients on adventures under the sea knowing that you can fix their equipment at any time. That knowledge can supply added comfort for both you and your guests, providing them with a more relaxing, enjoyable experience.

It is important to note that the Diving Equipment Repair program is not just a couple of hours of orientation to repairing equipment. It is six intensive days of complete repair training where you actually practice repairs on real equipment. Hall's designed this program as a way to meet the industry need for Certified Equipment Repair Technicians. Hall's has been training students for 20 years in this field, and you can be next! Expand your horizons and add to your diving portfolio today!

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Underwater Digital Photography and Videography

You work in diving and are looking for a new way to expand the services you offer. Hall's Underwater Digital Photography and Videography program gives you the opportunity to develop the professional skills that are necessary for expanding your employment opportunities. With those abilities, you may be able to give your clients the best diving experience possible. Not only can you guide them under water, but you can also send them home with tangible memories, something they will never forget.

The International Diving Career Institute at Hall's can teach you how to produce quality results. A combination of computer editing and photographic training can lead to outcomes that were previously available to only the most famous underwater photographers. You can produce magazine-quality photos and broadcast-quality video. Those abilities can allow you to add services that increase the income you receive. Start enhancing the value that you provide to your customers by offering them lifelong memories.

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Underwater Digital Photography Training

Underwater Digital Photography involves a combination of properly setting up and shooting photos of divers and remarkable marine life. You will get the opportunity to learn how to take shots, return to the surface, and enhance the images with current computer technology. And you will have the chance to practice with some of the best equipment, including high-end digital cameras. You can enhance your photos using Adobe Photoshop software. Finally, you will store photos on CD or DVD, print them, or download them to the Internet.

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Underwater Digital Videography Training

Underwater Digital Videography can teach you everything you need to know about making underwater movies. You will see that consumer digital video cameras are capable of producing broadcast-quality video. And you will learn about how to storyboard, shoot the video, and edit it using Adobe Premier, placing the final product on CD, DVD, or VHS.

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Resort / Dive Business Operations & Sales Training

Believe it or not, diving is not strictly about the act of diving. Many other components are crucial to the success of diving operations, specifically business and sales competencies. Professional divers experience the greatest success when they can create and promote continuing activities, equipment sales, classes, dives, charter boat trips, and diving travel. Hall's Resort and Dive Business Operations and Sales training program teaches the operational techniques and selling skills that are needed for increasing profitability.

You will learn about the art of selling—specifically about maintaining a productive and pleasurable relationship with the client while successfully up-selling services and products. You will also delve into the psychology behind selling, understanding the motivations of the consumer. This can lead to you increasing your profitability through selling additional dive courses, vacation packages, and equipment.

On the operational side, you will learn about inventory control, record keeping, work efficiency, air systems, insurance and legal aspects, general administration, and displaying retail and promotional material. You will also get the chance to develop skills in profit management, rental and cash register procedures, and booking reservations and vacation packages. Business Operations and Sales training can not only make your life as a diver a little easier; it can also help you achieve higher success and profitability throughout your diving career!

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International Diving Career Institute at Hall's Location

Marathon, Florida Keys
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