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You can have a dream career in the golf industry!

Golf Academy of America Your ideal post-secondary education would involve honing your knowledge of golf, putting in a few rounds per week, competing in tournaments, and gaining experience teaching golf to others. But surely, no such magical program or place exists. Or so you thought. Golf Academy of America (the Academy) has been providing specialized golf career training since 1974.

With campus locations in four golfing hot spots, San Diego, California, Orlando, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Dallas, Texas, the Academy can offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the golf industry, with a curriculum that includes everything from golf lessons with PGA professionals and experience teaching golf to the general public to managing golf tournaments and handling the marketing and advertising for a golf complex.

The Academy can provide you with a solid knowledge of the business side of golf through classroom instruction and lectures, as well as hands-on experience during practical courses and labs. Each student will also have the opportunity to put in an average of two rounds of golf per week at local golf courses, with one round being played as a weekly tournament completely organized by students.

As a student at the Academy, you can also have access to a variety of student services, including financial aid, available to those who qualify. The financial planning department can help you explore the various financial aid options, and walk you through the application process. You can also enjoy comprehensive career planning assistance, which includes counseling related to resume writing, interviewing, and job searching. Plus, you can reap the benefits of GolFutures, which provides current students and graduates with access to a continuously updated bulletin that lists employers looking to fill open positions within the golf industry.

Stop dreaming about a future in the golf industry, and prepare to enjoy the reality of a specialized golf education. Request more information today and find out how you can schedule a visit to one of the Academy's state-of-the-art campus locations!

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Golf Complex Operations and Management

You are an avid golfer who is looking to take the next step and turn your passion for the sport into a successful career. Golf Academy of America (the Academy) can provide you with specialized training through their Applied/Occupational Associate Degree program with a Major in Golf Complex Operations & Management.

This in-depth program is designed to advance your golf knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare you to enter the exciting golf industry. Your time at the Academy will be spent receiving golf lessons from PGA professionals, putting in practice time at local courses, participating in student-run tournaments, and honing your teaching skills by giving lessons to the public. You can also have the opportunity to gain expertise in everything from the history of golf and golf fundamentals to microcomputer applications and business management.

The Academy will also give you the opportunity to choose between two areas of emphasis, or even a combination of both, resulting in a dual emphasis. The available emphasis areas are:

Golf Professional

The Golf Professional emphasis includes plenty of opportunities to spend time on the green, both playing and teaching. You can also enjoy a variety of classes designed to equip you with important skills and knowledge that can help improve your golfing abilities, as well as your skill as an instructor. These courses include golf club fitting, sport psychology, and methods of teaching, as well as anatomy, exercise, and bio-mechanics. In addition, you can choose from a selection of electives, such as advanced teaching, and golf performance enhancement. As a graduate with this emphasis, you can be prepared to pursue a career as a golfing professional, whether you wish to teach, play professionally, or both.

General Management

The General Management emphasis can allow you to gain a solid background in the administration and operation of a golf complex. You can learn the ins and outs of everything from elementary accounting and tournament administration to food service management and golf operations. In addition, you can also have the opportunity to choose electives that best fit your future career goals, including advanced rules of golf or golf course design. This can prepare you to pursue a variety of management positions within a golf facility.

If you are ready to gain specialized career training involving your passion for golf, request more information today to find out how you can plan a visit to one of the Academy's four available campus locations!

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General Management Golf Career

You have always been an avid golfer, and you would love nothing more than a career that involves your passion for the sport. However, when you think of a golf-related career, playing as a professional or becoming a golf instructor may seem like the only options. In reality, golf is a $72 billion-a-year industry that provides over 2 million jobs.

Golf Academy of America (the Academy) can help you open the door to many different golf career options. Although you will have the opportunity to spend time on the greens, practicing at nearby courses and receiving instruction from PGA professionals, you can also receive valuable experience related to the business side of the golf industry. The Academy can allow you to gain important skills in marketing, advertising, promotions, and sales as they relate to golf. You can also learn the ins and outs of golf facility operations and food service management, plus have the opportunity to become involved in the planning, organizing, and management of weekly student-run tournaments.

Upon graduating, you can be ready to pursue management or administrative positions within a variety of settings, including golf courses, equipment manufacturers, travel companies, golf associations, tournament coordinators, publishing organizations, and more. Request more information from the Academy and book a campus tour today to open your eyes to the many career opportunities your golf education could lead to!

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Golf Professional Career

For as long as you can remember, golf has been a part of your life. You've always kept a close eye on the PGA standings, and are glued to the TV for virtually every leg of the PGA Tour. However, as much as you enjoy watching your heroes from the couch, you would much rather be working toward your own professional golf career. As a post-secondary institution that specializes in golf-related training, Golf Academy of America (the Academy) could be the perfect first step toward the professional golf career you desire.

At the Academy, you can prepare to lower your handicap and strengthen your golfing abilities, thanks to lessons from PGA professionals, plenty of practice time, and the opportunity to put in rounds at local golf courses, as well as participate in weekly student-run tournaments. You can also learn the ins and outs of various teaching methods, which can prepare you to pass on your knowledge and help others reach their full potential as golfers.

Upon graduation, you can be prepared to launch your professional golf career, whether your ideal future involves becoming a professional golfer, a golf instructor, or even both. As a $76 billion-a-year industry that provides more than two million jobs, a career in golf can allow you to enjoy a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling career that incorporates your passion for the sport.

Take your first step toward a future on the greens by requesting more information from the Academy and setting up a campus tour today!

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Life as a Student - A Typical Day

Life as a student at Golf Academy of America (the Academy) is quite different from a typical post-secondary experience. How many students can say they spent the day on the greens with a PGA professional golfer, or helping to organize a golf tournament?

At the Academy, a typical day consists of morning classes or lectures that are aimed at providing you with fundamental knowledge of the history and rules of golf, as well as instruction around golfing theory, golf facility operations, sports psychology, and much more. You will also spend your time in the classroom gaining a solid background in marketing, advertising, promotion, and sales as they relate to the golf industry.

Your afternoons will typically be spent out on the greens, actively involved in a golf-related activity, whether it is receiving a lesson from a PGA professional, putting in practice rounds at a local course, or gaining experience teaching others to improve their game. You will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly tournaments, allowing you to gain competitive experience and track your skill level.

If you are ready to surround yourself with peers and mentors who share your passion for golf, while gaining the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful future in this exciting industry, take the next step and schedule a campus tour today!

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Student Services

At Golf Academy of America (the Academy), you can count on receiving plenty of support throughout your educational journey. From your first day of classes straight through to graduation and beyond, the staff is committed to helping you enjoy every aspect of your experience by offering the following student services:

Financial Aid

The Financial Planning office is available to walk you through the financial aid process. Due to the Academy's status as an accredited career school, students are eligible to apply for government funding, such as loans and grants. If you are interested in exploring what sources of funding you could qualify for, the financial planning staff can help walk you through the application process, and develop a financial plan aimed at helping you graduate with the least amount of debt possible.

Housing Assistance

Although the Academy does not offer on-campus or off-campus housing, they have developed partnerships with local housing providers. If you require assistance in finding a suitable place to live for the duration of your training, the Academy can put you in touch with local housing contacts that specialize in providing affordable, flexible, and convenient housing to students.

Career Services

Upon graduation, the Academy can help you be successful in reaching your golfing career goals. Career Placement Directors are available to provide counseling related to everything from resume writing to interviewing preparation. They can also offer recommendations or serve as a reference to potential employers.

In addition, you can enjoy access to GolFutures, an online employment resource developed by the Academy, and available exclusively to their students and alumni. This valuable employment bulletin can provide you with access to hundreds of available golf jobs across all sectors of the industry, from teaching and professional golf opportunities to marketing, sales, and management positions.

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Military Benefits

Golf Academy of America (the Academy) is proud to be a military-friendly school, offering courses which are approved for the training of veterans, as well as those who are eligible for VA educational benefits.

Whether you are on active duty, retired from the military, or the spouse or dependent of a veteran, there are many different funding options available, including Military Student Scholarships, the Patriot's Service Scholarship, the Post 9/11 Scholarship Program, and the Armed Forces Recognition Scholarship. The Academy is committed to helping you determine what financial options you are eligible for, and can help you complete the application process.

In addition, military students who are called to active duty or deployed from their home station before the completion of their program can rest assured, knowing that all tuition charges or payments for interrupted terms will be refunded, and reapplication fees will be waived upon their return. Plus, credits or grades may be awarded at the discretion of the instructors for those who have completed 75% of the term.

Request more information from the Academy today to learn more about the available military benefits!

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Golf Academy of America Locations

Golf Academy of America - San Diego
1950 Camino Vida Roble Ste 125
Carlsbad CA 92008

Golf Academy of America - Orlando
1200 E Altamonte Dr Ste 1010
Altamonte Springs FL 32701

Golf Academy of America - Carolinas
3268 Waccamaw Blvd
Myrtle Beach SC 29579

Golf Academy of America - Dallas
1861 Valley View Ln Ste 100
Farmers Branch TX 75234

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Golf Academy of America is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).