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Denver, Colorado

Ecotech Institute - Environmental Career TrainingEarn your diploma at Ecotech Institute in as little as 9 months!

Ecotech Institute is a solid choice for your training, whether you are looking to utilize your passion for the environment within an exciting career, or you want to tweak your current skills and knowledge in order to transition smoothly into the growing environmental industry. As a college that pioneered the sole focus on training in renewable energy, this school can offer you a variety of environmental career programs that were designed by industry experts within the rapidly expanding clean tech sector.

Since launching their state-of-the-art campus in Denver, Colorado in April 2010, Ecotech Institute has started providing students with hands-on training related to such innovative career fields as energy efficiency, solar energy, and wind technology. Whether you want to work directly on clean energy technologies, or help reduce energy consumption levels in homes and commercial buildings, you can depend on learning from forward thinking and experienced instructors, many of whom are currently active in the fields they teach.

Other benefits include a platform approach to programs, which allows for common classes throughout related programs, meaning that you can graduate qualified for positions within numerous industries. Flexible class schedules can allow you to fit your training into your busy lifestyle without giving up your current job or other commitments. Ecotech Institute is also committed to providing students with a solid network of supportive services, like career placement assistance as well as financial aid, which is available to those who qualify.

Ecotech Institute recognizes that the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries are continuing to expand at a rapid pace. For example, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the U.S.—for the first time ever—had more jobs in solar energy than in the oil and natural gas industry in 2016.

You can become part of the clean energy revolution. Ecotech Institute is your starting point. Request more information today to set up a campus tour and learn more about their unique training programs and high-tech facilities!

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Programs Offered at Ecotech Institute

Electronics Technology:
Power Utilities Specialization
Solar Systems Specialization

Embrace the chance to train for a hands-on career in renewable energy. This diploma program is designed to help you develop skills related to harnessing and using electricity. You can explore the fundamentals of clean energy and power generation and receive training in designing, building, modifying, and maintaining electrical controls, components, and machines. You even have the opportunity to put theory to the test in practice labs outfitted with industry-standard equipment. You can complete the program in as little as nine months, or you can opt to extend your training and specialize in power utilities or solar systems.

  • Power Utility Specialization—With just three additional months of training (as little as 12 months total), you can develop further skills related to operating and maintaining power plants. You'll learn about systems for generating, transmitting, and distributing power, including smart grid technology.
  • Solar Systems Specialization—Would you like to know how to install and repair photovoltaic systems? In as little as 12 additional weeks (about 48 weeks total), you can get further training related to technologies that harness and transmit clean energy from the sun.

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Power Utility Technician

Get a useful head start on the way to becoming a skilled electrical linesperson or power plant operator. This program offers the opportunity to earn a diploma while obtaining specialized, hands-on training. It covers the safe maintenance and operation of smart and conventional electric grids and systems that distribute electricity from renewable energy and other sources. You'll have a chance to gain skills related to repairing, calibrating, designing, and building various components used in electrical systems and machinery. And you'll have the choice of completing your first two semesters online or on campus.

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Solar Energy Technology

Take a powerful step toward becoming a professional in one of the world's most revolutionary industries. Through this diploma program, you can get immersive training in the safe installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of solar panels and other photovoltaic equipment. You can begin your education online (for the first two semesters) before continuing on campus, or you can complete all of your training on campus from the start. Either way, it's an opportunity to begin developing practical skills that you can build an environmentally friendly career upon.

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Wind Energy Technology:
Advanced Technician Specialization
Wind Farm Manager Specialization

Put your enthusiasm for the future into a field that is helping to revolutionize the way we generate electricity. At Ecotech Institute, you can earn a diploma while being trained in the operation, troubleshooting, and servicing of wind turbines and related equipment. You'll learn about the most important fundamentals. Then, you'll have the opportunity to practice what you learn by using industry-standard equipment and instrumentation. It's all intended to help you attain skills for safely working on wind towers, evaluating the readiness of new turbines, and resolving any electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic problems on new or existing wind energy systems. You can stick with the main program and complete your training in as little as 36 weeks, or you can expand your skills with one of two specializations.

  • Advanced Technician Specialization—It only takes about 12 more weeks of training (as little as 48 weeks total) to prepare for opportunities that involve working with programmable logic controllers and hydraulic systems. The extra coursework also includes training in AC circuitry.
  • Wind Farm Manager Specialization—Have you ever wondered what it takes to manage a whole farm of giant wind turbines? Here's your chance to learn skills that can be used in the management of wind-power distribution systems. The extra courses are designed to take as little as three additional months and also cover subjects like AC circuitry and smart grid technology.

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Ecotech Institute Location:

Denver, Colorado
1400 S Abilene St
Aurora CO 80012

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