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Silicon Valley, California

Cogswell Polytechnical CollegeTake a bold step toward success by honing your talent, creativity, and innovative savvy.

Cogswell Polytechnical College helps aspiring creators and entrepreneurs become extraordinary contributors to the industries they love most. Whether you're after a great career in animation, gaming, music, technology, or business, Cogswell is all about helping you reach your amazing potential. And with its prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley, this regionally accredited college can empower you to start mastering skills that are valued by all kinds of world-class companies and innovators.

Just picture the opportunity: You'll be taught by industry experts who have real experience and connections to some of Silicon Valley's major players. And you'll have the chance to get one-on-one attention from them since, on average, classes consist of fewer than 14 students per instructor. That means your professors can truly mentor you as you begin transforming your passion into market-ready skills for the next wave of 21st-century careers.

Plus, Cogswell has been recognized for having some of America's best training opportunities. For example, the school's animation and game design programs have each been ranked 13th in the nation—by Animation Career Review and The Princeton Review, respectively.

So start putting yourself in the right place to succeed. At Cogswell, your education will be directly related to the opportunities that await you. Ask for additional information right now!

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Fun Programs That Incorporate Project-Based Learning

Do you learn best by doing? At Cogswell, students get to collaborate with each other while working on real-world projects in on-campus studios prior to graduation. So you'll have the opportunity to experience what it's like to work as part of a development team that consists of creative, technical, and business-minded specialists.

Business Administration

Are you eager to become an innovative problem-solver in the creative technology sector? This bachelor's degree program is designed for people who want to help manage a company's projects or digital media efforts. You can learn all kinds of core business fundamentals, such as marketing and communication. And you can develop your ability to conceptualize solutions and think strategically.

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Digital Art & Animation

Get the hands-on training you need to develop your skills as an animator, conceptual artist, or visual effects (VFX) specialist. By pursuing this bachelor's degree, you'll be immersed in the process of bringing projects to life that include amazing characters and awe-inspiring digital worlds. Plus, you'll have the confidence of knowing that your training was crafted with industry input in order to help you develop the expertise that today's studios seek.

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Digital Audio Technology

Learn to push the boundaries of what's possible in the audio industry. Cogswell's bachelor's degree program in digital audio technology focuses on helping you tap into your full creative potential while you begin mastering the use of industry-standard audio equipment. You'll have the chance to gain skills related to the production of music and sound effects or the development of audio software.

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Game Design Art

Lend your talent and creativity to one of today's best forms of storytelling. Whether you want to create the amazing visuals or write the immersive narratives for new video games, this bachelor's degree program can help push your abilities to the level of a real professional. Just imagine the joy of having a career that lets you invent new virtual worlds and characters. With training from Cogswell, you can make your vision a reality.

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Game Design Engineering

Are you driven by an aspiration to code and develop awesome video games? At Cogswell, you can start acquiring the technical abilities you need for a career that's all about creating amazing gameplay experiences. Whether you want to develop your own game engines or modify existing ones, this bachelor's degree program can help you learn how to create a project plan and incorporate graphics, animation, and even artificial intelligence.

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M.A. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Do you already have a bachelor's degree? Here's an opportunity to earn a master's degree that can boost your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur, business manager, or innovator. This program only takes about a year to complete, and it's structured for ultimate convenience, with a combination of online courses and evening and weekend in-class sessions. You'll learn more about how to create innovative business plans, oversee effective marketing, and manage digital media efforts.

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Assistance With Making Your Education More Affordable

You deserve a real opportunity to earn the degree you want. That's why Cogswell offers help with navigating the options for financing your education. For example, financial aid is available for students who qualify. The school even offers a variety of its own scholarship opportunities to eligible students.

In addition, eligible full-time students can take advantage of the Cogswell Tuition Lock. Here's what that means: As long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, your tuition is guaranteed to remain the same from the time you enroll to the time you graduate.

An Amazing Opportunity to Learn in the Center of Silicon Valley

There's no better location in California, the U.S., or maybe even the world if you want to be around creative visionaries and high-tech innovators. Silicon Valley is a true hub for invention and entrepreneurial talent. It's an amazing place to learn, develop your skills, meet like like-minded people, and stay constantly challenged and inspired.

Silicon Valley, California
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Aim for an Extraordinary Future

Now is a terrific time to start developing your talents for a career in creative technology or business innovation. So don't hesitate to get started. Let Cogswell know that you're ready to receive further details right away!

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