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Central Christian College of Kansas

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Central Christian College of KansasObtain a flexible and faith-focused career education while strengthening your character and commitment to a life of service.

No matter your faith or background, with Central Christian College of Kansas Online (CCCK Online), you can start preparing for an exciting, new career while keeping your current home and work responsibilities.

There is no need to put your life on hold to obtain an education when you can have interactive online courses at your fingertips. And, with CCCK Online, the learning is self-directed. That means that you are able to log on and learn whenever it works best for you.

CCCK Online offers associate and bachelor's degree programs that are delivered with a Christian worldview for people just like you. People who envision a better career, a better society, and a better world. The comprehensive education that you can receive honors principles related to integrity, community, service, leadership, and followership. You can expand your professional knowledge and skills while pursuing opportunities to grow spiritually, think critically, and communicate empathetically.

If this sounds just like the kind of education that you desire, then contact CCCK Online today to find out how soon you can start learning in a way that suits your current lifestyle. This could be your chance to start making a real difference in the world around you!

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Flexible & Convenient Degree Programs

With the degree programs at Central Christian College of Kansas Online, you are not required to ever set foot in a classroom. You also have six weeks to complete each course. Whether you want to do that from the comfort of your couch or the cozy chair in your local coffee shop is completely up to you.

As you read your textbooks and work through your courses, you can contact your dedicated student success advisor for help or guidance at any time. Additionally, even though you are learning online, you can still become a part of a strong learning community. You can develop meaningful social connections with your peers and instructors through CCCK Online's multimedia, cloud-based learning system.

So, are you ready to start preparing for a brighter future? Then take a look at the online programs below and decide which one can help you begin achieving your goals.

Central Christian College of Kansas Programs

Associate of Arts

Start building a strong foundation of professional skills while gaining broader knowledge of the world around you. With CCCK Online, you can improve your writing, communication, critical-thinking, and computer-related abilities as you learn about a wide range of enriching subjects. For example, you'll study broad subject areas like math, history, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences. You'll even learn about biblical literature. Plus, you'll get to choose your own elective track from among the following career-oriented options:

  • Accounting: Prepare for opportunities related to costing, budgeting, bookkeeping, preparing income taxes, and classifying and processing financial information.
  • Business: Acquire a useful variety of transferable skills and develop fundamental expertise related to areas like management, accounting, human relations, marketing, communications, economics, legal issues, and business software.
  • Business Management: Discover what it takes to successfully manage an organization's daily operations, resolve conflicts, and lead, supervise, and motivate employees.
  • Criminal Justice: Give yourself the opportunity to learn how to protect or defend people in your community so that you can begin a career in an honorable field like security, law enforcement, forensics, corrections, criminology, or social work.
  • Healthcare Management: Learn about modern approaches to leading and managing healthcare personnel, organizing medical records, and overseeing medical coding and billing in a variety of clinical and office settings.
  • Leadership: Take the first step toward becoming a business professional capable of leading, supervising, and motivating other people by communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and understanding how successful organizations operate.
  • Psychology: Connect your interest in the human mind to an educational track designed to give you a practical understanding of this social science that you can apply to opportunities in all kinds of career sectors, including business, healthcare, human services, and government.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Activate your full potential by gaining a comprehensive understanding of what goes into making an organization more efficient and successful. CCCK Online can enable you to build a full spectrum of foundational expertise related to relevant areas like accounting, human resources, marketing, finance, economics, business law, strategic planning, information technology, and professional ethics. By developing your leadership, communication, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities, you'll be better prepared for opportunities in almost any industry.

Program Concentrations:

  • Accounting: Start developing deeper expertise in areas like statistics, income tax, investments, budgeting, financial analysis, auditing, computerized accounting, and more.
  • Human Resource Management: Pursue your interest in managing employee recruitment, training, and retention by studying subjects like compensation, conflict resolution, workplace communication, organizational psychology, and stress management.
  • Management: Expand your leadership potential through courses that can teach you more about employee motivation, creativity, group dynamics, collaboration, conflict resolution, statistics, organizational ethics, interpersonal communication, and much more.

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Put yourself on the path to a noble and reliable career. In this program, you'll learn about a wide range of subjects related to protecting others, solving crimes, and dealing with offenders. For example, you'll take courses in criminal law, forensics, crisis management, and corrections. And you'll be taught by professionals who have real experience in the field of criminal justice. Plus, you can receive credit if you have already had taken some community college courses or had military or police academy training.

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Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services

Channel your compassion toward a future that involves serving those who need the most help, from addicts and at-risk children to elderly adults and people with disabilities. In this program, you'll learn how to connect underserved members of your community with the services and resources they require. You'll study subjects like psychology, case management, conflict resolution, legal and ethical issues, and more.

Available Elective Tracks:

  • Community and Family Services: Learn more about options for crime prevention and community treatment as well as how drugs relate to illegal behavior and how parole, probation, the court system, and juvenile justice work.
  • Correctional/Justice: Take a deeper dive into subjects like victimology, the court system, correctional options, and juvenile crime prevention and treatment strategies.
  • Health Services: Pursue a better understanding of America's healthcare system, including areas such as the administration of services, the various forms of managed care, ethical concerns, leadership principles, and more.
  • Psychology/Coaching: Follow your aspiration for helping people by learning more about counseling, life coaching, and stress management, as well as how an individual's personality develops.

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Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Get an education that can help you change careers, advance in your current role, or begin your professional life in one of today's most meaningful industries. This program covers a comprehensive variety of subject areas that are relevant to becoming a manager, administrator, or supervisor in the healthcare sector. For example, you'll learn about human resources, finance, ethical considerations, marketing, and the application of information technology. The program is also designed to help you gain skills related to problem-solving and strategic planning.

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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Start discovering your potential to be a truly capable leader in the business world. In addition to helping you acquire a large range of relevant business expertise, this program can teach you skills related to psychology and human interaction. Among many other things, you'll learn about managing people and operations, solving problems, recognizing opportunities, developing strategies, and conducting yourself as an ethical and socially responsible professional.

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Cultivate a broad understanding of one of the most fascinating social sciences. In this program, you'll begin to see how faith and science can work together to form a person's sense of existence. And you'll get the chance to develop expertise that you can apply toward a wide range of career opportunities. In addition to learning about major psychological theories, you'll study subjects like human sexuality, life coaching, and Christian approaches to counseling. You'll also learn about the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the many psychological conditions listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

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Go After Your Professional Potential

Your work, family, home, and other life commitments don't need to stop you from advancing your career. Obtaining a high-quality, service-oriented education in a format that works for you is possible with Central Christian College of Kansas Online. Ask CCCK Online to send you more information today to find out how soon you can start working toward the career and life that you deserve!

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