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CDA Technical Institute
Voltage Lineworker

Jacksonville, Florida

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CDA Technical InstituteGet training for an active career in the growing power line industry.

With CDA Technical Institute ‐ Voltage Lineworker as your instructional provider, you can gain skills for one of today's most important and reliable occupations. This school can teach you how to repair, maintain, and install the cables that carry electrical energy to our homes, businesses, and other vital buildings.

You'll be guided by highly skilled instructors as you learn about safely climbing power poles, using standard tools and equipment, attending to switches and transformers, and working as part of a team. The training is designed to give you hands-on practice under conditions that simulate real-world experiences. But through it all, your safety and education will be top priorities.

So find out how to get started. Ask CDA Technical Institute to share more information with you right away!*

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*You must be comfortable with heights in order to qualify for this program.

26-Week Voltage Lineworker Program

Each week of training involves four full days of on-campus instruction (from Monday through Thursday). It includes both classroom time and hands-on skills development. It even includes preparation for industry certifications.

You'll have the chance to get personalized attention from your instructors while developing the knowledge, abilities, and qualifications you need to begin a career as a voltage lineman.

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Help With Your Job Search

CDA Technical Institute is a trade school, not an employer. However, the school's staff pride themselves on providing training that is fully competency-based and designed to lead to full-time employment. That's why all students can get assistance with finding job leads.

Also, before graduation, every student completes a course that teaches them how to research potential employers, create an effective resume, write good cover letters, prepare for job interviews, and more.

A Student-Friendly Training Facility

With its campus in Jacksonville, Florida, this school gives you nearby access to beaches, a vibrant downtown, and all kinds of entertainment venues and recreational possibilities. And the facility itself is equipped with real power poles, cranes, bucket trucks, and other things you would use or encounter on actual job sites.

Plus, on-campus housing is available—with a full meal plan. Additional programs may be available to military veterans. (Get details by requesting more information from the school.)

91 Trout River Dr
Jacksonville FL 32208

Rise to the Opportunity

Power line technicians are in demand because they are essential to our way of life. CDA Technical Institute can help you become one. Ask for more details right now!

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CDA Technical Institute ‐ Voltage Lineworker Accreditation