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Plumbing school can give you a strong start in your journey toward a valuable apprenticeship and solid career.

Plumbing is a smart choice of career for those who are looking for work that is financially rewarding and mentally engaging. According to statistics from Workopolis and PayScale, plumbers in Canada report a high level of satisfaction with their work, and a median annual wage that's about $10,000 higher than the national average for all occupations.

One of the most overlooked career fields in Canada right now is plumbing. And with home construction on the rise, plumbers are in high demand across the country. Best of all, that rising demand is lifting wages as companies and individual homeowners seek out talented plumbers to install, service, and repair piping.

Finding a training program near you is the first step in working toward landing a plumbing apprenticeship or getting straight into the workforce. Read on to learn three great reasons to become a plumber in Canada.

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3 Great Reasons to Become a Plumber in Canada

Plumbing Apprenticeship SchoolsIf you are considering attending a plumbing school in Canada, it's important to educate yourself on some of the great benefits associated with this career. Here are three of the most outstanding perks of training to become a plumber:

1. You Can Get Into the Workforce Sooner

Plumbing students tend to complete their studies and start earning a salary sooner than students in other trades and fields of study. The vast majority of plumbers complete a mixture of classroom-based study, plus on-the-job learning as an apprentice. Working as an apprentice under a journeyperson (certified plumber), plumbing students earn a decent living while still attending school and completing their studies.

2. You Can Earn a Good Wage

Plumber working on a sink Plumbers enjoy a very high annual salary with respect to the amount of time it takes to train for the career. PayScale says the national median hourly wage for plumbers in Canada is $27.54, which works out to $56,468 annually. With more experience, plumbers generally see salaries increase up to $87,214 annually.

3. The Job Outlook is Promising

Job growth is another good reason to consider becoming a plumber in Canada. According to Canadian census data, plumbers are mainly employed in the construction industry (79%).

The construction industry in Canada remains robust. An article in The Globe and Mail notes that with $80 billion in construction permits issued within the last year, the government in Canada expects the number of plumbers needed to increase in the years to come. Plus, in addition to the number of jobs created by the growth in new home construction, there will be a continual need for plumbers to work on service, repair, and maintenance projects.

Get Started

Plumbers service a vital and growing sector of the Canadian economy. The Globe and Mail points out that as of 2011, there were some 47,200 Canadians employed as plumbers. If you're ready to join the ranks of this challenging and rewarding career field, find a plumbing school near you and ask to receive additional information!