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Stenberg CollegeCreate the life you aspire to.

Stenberg College is committed to helping driven students attain successful entry into careers that matter. After all, isn't that what you're striving for? Your education can be a way into a future that resonates with purpose and opportunity.

Consider what this Canadian college is all about: It specializes in providing a learning experience that is practical, comprehensive, and full of built-in support. You can follow your interests in health care, education, or human services knowing that your school is eager to see you succeed. You can even choose where you want to learn: either within a classroom or mostly online.

What's more, Stenberg College keeps each diploma program short, so that you have the chance to begin your new career as quickly as possible. In fact, more than 90% of Stenberg College's alumni find work in their industry of choice within 6 months of graduation. And the school's instructors are experienced professionals in the areas they teach, giving you the advantage of being taught by people who understand industry trends and what employers tend to expect.

So take a fast, positive action right now. Get your questions answered directly by someone who can guide you through all of the school's distinctive benefits and study options. All it takes is a quick request for information to get things moving.

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Choose an Innovative Training Option That Suits Your Current Life

Stenberg College knows that students come from many different backgrounds. Each individual has his or her own preferred way of learning. And, frequently, that preference is more of a necessity because of other existing commitments that are common among adult learners—like jobs or family.

That's why the college offers the choice of learning at its physical campus in Surrey, British Columbia or, for some programs, going through a hybrid course of study that is primarily based online. Either way, you get the same highly focused curriculum. And you experience the same expert guidance. Here are some of the highlights of each option:

  • Classroom-based training—Learn at the college's BC campus where you can engage face-to-face with your instructors and other students. The college works to keep the learning environment fun and supportive through monthly social events and direct access to in-person academic assistance and other student services.
  • Online-based hybrid training—Enjoy greater flexibility in where and when you study. You get to choose the time of day that works best with your other responsibilities. And, for most of your education, you get to stay at home. One of the most compelling things about this hybrid option is that you still get hands-on practice at what you're learning. The college maintains regional instruction labs in cities across Canada. So, for the short periods of in-person skills training, you can simply travel to one of those cities.

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Stenberg College Program Areas

Nursing Programs

Get into one of the most viable and meaningful career fields in existence. Practical nursing and psychiatric nursing offer opportunities to be directly involved in caring for people with physical or mental health conditions. You can monitor the progress of treatments they receive, administer some of their medications, and assist them in their rehab or recovery.

Nursing professionals bring their in-demand skills to a variety of work environments, like hospitals, treatment facilities, and private clinics.

  • Practical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing - Online

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Health Care Programs

This expansive field contains an abundance of reliable career paths. Each one is a little different, but any of them can help you create greater well-being for yourself as well as for numerous other people—or even for animals. Regardless of the health care path you choose, the opportunity exists to establish a prosperous career while providing support services that ultimately improve the quality of life for countless individuals in your community.

Professionals with administrative, clinical, and laboratory-based careers are all equally important in keeping the health care system accessible and effective for all Canadians.

  • Cardiology Technologist
  • Dispensing Optician
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Hospital Support Specialist
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Nursing Unit Clerk
  • Therapeutic Recreation (Gerontology)
  • Veterinary Office Administrator

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Human Services Programs

Take advantage of your natural impulse to help those who need extra assistance due to physical or mental challenges. You can develop an enhanced understanding of what people with special needs require for overcoming their limitations or getting the most out of their lives. Think of those you might help: Developmentally disabled youth, mentally ill adults, people suffering from addictions, seniors who need more activity, or similar groups.

Community centers and social service agencies rely on professionals with the right support skills to make a positive difference in the lives of such community members.

  • Community Mental Health & Addictions Worker
  • Community Support Worker

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Education Programs

Today's children and youth are important to the future success of our communities. That's why professionals who know how to support the development of young people—including those with special needs—often find stable and fulfilling career opportunities.

Schools, daycares, and community centers are some of the potential work environments you can begin training to work in.

  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Early Childhood Educator - Post Basic
  • Special Education Assistant
  • Special Education Assistant - Online

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Start Learning in Your Home Community

Many of Stenberg College's students come from the Lower Mainland of BC. So they are able to enjoy quick access to the world-class Surrey campus via rapid public transit. It's a very convenient location that also happens to share one of the region's biggest shopping centers.

But plenty of students from other parts of Canada also benefit from attending this college through one of the hybrid programs. With training labs in Surrey, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Halifax, the school makes it possible to begin your education online and complete the face-to-face training components in a city close to you. So, even if you live in provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, or Nova Scotia, Stenberg College can assist you in getting professional skills for the career you want.

Enjoy the Confidence of Taking Part in an Industry-Driven Program

You want your education to be relevant to what's happening in the industry you intend to work in. That just makes sense, right? Potential employers have certain expectations about the skills people should have. So you need to know that what you're being taught is in line with what they are looking for.

At Stenberg College, each program is developed in collaboration with the relevant industry's professional community. And the college is just the right size to be able to make quick adjustments to curricula in response to any new trends or other industry changes.

Plus, as part of every program, students are placed in actual work settings in order to gain true experience in the fields they'll be entering. The college maintains partnerships with many industry organizations for just that purpose.

Start Putting Your Goals in Motion Today

Your new future awaits. So take a moment to give Stenberg College a way to reach you by completing a simple information request right away!

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Stenberg College Locations:

  • Surrey, BC
  • Vancouver Island, BC*
  • Calgary, Alberta - Hybrid Classroom & Online
  • Edmonton, Alberta - Hybrid Classroom & Online
  • Surrey, BC - Hybrid Classroom & Online
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba - Hybrid Classroom & Online
  • Moncton, New Brunswick - Hybrid Classroom & Online
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia - Hybrid Classroom & Online


Stenberg College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA).

*Vancouver Island locations include Duncan/Cowichan, Courtenay/Campbell River, Nanaimo, and Victoria.