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Computer Animation SchoolsIs a career in computer animation for you? You have an eye for art and are fascinated with the intricate details depicted in computer animated movies like Shrek, Toy Story, and WALL-E. To you, these films are more than just clever animation, they symbolize the evolution of art and its integration into popular culture.

Choosing computer animation as a career path can present you with the opportunity to parlay your artistic ingenuity into a productive future in a field that has no limits. You can design the route that you want your career to take. With work available producing commercials, television, movies, video games, and more, there is no telling how far you can go, provided you have a good education.

You can also opt to study a more specialized area of the field that is gaining momentum: 3D animation. Not only is 3D Animation a promising field, it is incredibly fascinating. 3D animators analyze and try to re-create real life. With the ultimate goal of coming up with a depiction that resembles reality, the movements of humans, animals, and objects are all studied and mapped out. Starting with a skeletal frame, animators lay out each tiny movement and then render the outer shell of the object or person to create life-like images. Pursue this riveting career and you could make your imagination come to life!

As an animator, you could land a great position in advertising, TV and film production, video game design, and many other fields. You could have the flexibility of working for an animation firm or as a freelance artist, giving you the option of choosing the projects that appeal to you.

There is a growing number of positions in this field as out-of-date technologies are rapidly being replaced, and you could get in on the action. This career path can offer you a future in a field that is anything but ordinary and is packed with loads of potential. Get your training started today by finding a school and requesting more details!

Featured Schools

LaSalle College Vancouver

  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 3D Modeling for Animation & Games
  • Animation Art & Design
  • VFX for Film & Television

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design
  • Visual Effects Art & Design

Centre for Arts and Technology

  • Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Surrey, British Columbia
  • 2D Animation & Digital Art
  • Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects
  • Visual Effects For Film & Animation

Full Sail University

  • Online
  • Computer Animation
  • Game Art

CDI College

  • Pointe-Claire, Quebec
  • 3D Modeling Animation & Design