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Canadian Business CollegeChoose a powerful education designed with your job goals in mind.

Canadian Business College excels at providing truly useful learning opportunities built on the needs of career-oriented students. In fact, this Ontario school has specialized in helping adults like you succeed for more than two decades. And the expert, yet approachable instructors and staff continue to ensure that each new student receives the same chance at pursuing his or her own unique ambitions.

After all, expanding the possibilities for your future is what this type of college training is meant to do. You simply need a school that will focus on helping you hone your strengths while preparing you for the vocation you want—quickly and with plenty of support.

Isn't that what you're after? Your aspirations deserve the attention they'll get at a smaller school like this—a place where you'll be known personally and have your achievements celebrated.

So begin laying the foundation for a fulfilling professional life. Let Canadian Business College know that you'd like to receive further details right away!

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Fast, Skill-Based Training Programs in Many Exciting Fields

Business is a big part of this college's name, but you might be surprised at the enticing range of additional programs the school offers. For example, beyond areas like business management, the college also offers quality programs related to information technology, healthcare administration, child care, community service, law, and marketing. And they are all taught by industry professionals and have been developed with care and attention to real-world relevance.

Plus, each diploma program is structured to teach you practical skills for a new career in as little time as possible. For instance, most programs take only a year or less to complete. And some are designed to take as little as 24 to 39 weeks. As a result, you can become career-ready faster than you might expect.


Start developing the real-world skills you need to create true value for any type of organization. At Canadian Business College, you can receive instruction and guidance in how to manage a team, balance the books, or keep an online business thriving.

  • Accounting and Payroll Administrator
  • Business Management

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Community Service and Childcare

Learn how to make a real difference in the lives of people in your community. These programs focus on helping you develop the skills required to support the development of young children or help people overcome challenging circumstances.

  • Community Services Worker
  • Early Childcare Assistant

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Are you eager to play a key role in coordinating or delivering medical or support services? Whether you're interested in working one-on-one with people or keeping things running on the administrative side, these programs can help you get started.

  • Medical & Health Administration
  • Personal Support Worker

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Information Technology

Elevate your professional prospects by getting practical training for an in-demand industry. You'll have the chance to build a marketable understanding of the fundamental principles underlying database management, software development, or network engineering.

  • Advanced Database Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Full Stack Software Development
  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering

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Begin acquiring the essential skills you need to make your community a safer, fairer, and more secure place. Through these programs, you can prepare to pursue rewarding careers in legal offices or law enforcement agencies.

  • Law Clerk
  • Police Foundations

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Expand your creative and technical abilities and learn how to craft an effective message. With the hands-on training available from Canadian Business College, you can practice your new skills on state-of-the-art software used by today's digital media professionals.

  • Digital Media Web Designer
  • Marketing and Digital Media

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Dedicated Support

The supportive environment you'll find at Canadian Business College doesn't end with the one-on-one attention you can receive in your small classes. In fact, the college goes to great lengths to give every student the opportunity to thrive—both during training and after graduation. Students have access to benefits such as:

  • A free English as a Second Language (ESL) course, if needed
  • Professional networking events
  • Job search mentoring, including help with online and social media techniques
  • Resume-writing and interview-preparation assistance

Easy-to-Access Ontario Campuses

All of the college's campuses are conveniently located in areas well served by public transit. Whether you choose to attend class in downtown Toronto, central Scarborough, or Mississauga, you'll get to experience the same high level of career training that this school is known for.

Mississauga Campus
77 City Centre Dr Ste 600
Mississauga ON L5B 1M5

Scarborough Campus
55 Town Centre Circle Ste 303
Scarborough ON M1P 4X4

Toronto Campus
2 Bloor St W 22nd Floor
Toronto ON M4W 3E2

Move Forward Today

Canadian Business College welcomes the chance to help you choose your new direction. So don't hesitate to ask for additional information about the school's many exciting features and how you can start benefitting from them very soon!

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