23 Great Travelling Jobs That Pay Well in Canada

Jobs That Require TravelAwesome travelling jobs are more abundant than you might realize. In fact, having a strong desire to travel for work can often be a major selling point when approaching certain kinds of employers. After all, some companies—surprisingly—have a tricky time finding people who truly want travel jobs. Canada, especially, is home to many organizations that regularly search for professionals who are eager to build enriching careers that involve travel.

So you can absolutely satisfy your wanderlust and enjoy the other rewards of a great career at the same time. Many of the best jobs that involve travelling even provide opportunities to make new friends around the world, experience amazing cultural attractions, and earn high salaries.

Simply put, travelling careers are now more possible to achieve than ever before. Plus, although they're often very worthwhile, you don't have to limit yourself to jobs in the travel industry. Because of today's interconnected global economy, many other industries also provide good career options for people who love travel. For example, take a look at the following list of great occupations.

Unless otherwise noted, yearly pay estimates for each occupation are based on Canada-wide data from 2016-2017 for full-time work.1

1. Aircraft Pilot

Careers that travel probably don't get any more obvious than this one. After all, many air pilots get to fly long distances, including to exciting and exotic locations all over the world. That's particularly true for a lot of Canada's experienced airline pilots. But corporate, commercial, and bush pilots also get to experience their own memorable travel adventures as part of their day-to-day work.

  • Median yearly pay—$78,000
  • Highest yearly pay—$133,328 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Formal flight training that leads to the appropriate pilot's license(s) from Transport Canada

2. Registered Nurse (RN)

When you think about jobs that involve travel, nursing probably isn't at the top of your mind. But maybe it should be. By acquiring some experience as an RN, you can become a travelling nurse and help hospitals and other healthcare facilities all over Canada fill temporary staff openings caused by issues such as retirements and maternity or disability leaves. You may even get to take on overseas assignments and have your housing and meals paid for.

  • Median yearly pay—$76,960
  • Highest yearly pay—$95,680 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College or university vocational training that leads to provincial or territorial registration

3. Mobile Applications Developer

Established and emerging companies throughout Canada and the rest of the world are hungry for talented software developers who know how to create amazing mobile apps. As a result, many of them offer jobs that require travel for the purpose of collaborating face-to-face with clients and colleagues who live and work in different cities. Plus, computer programming is a skill that can let you work from almost anywhere.

  • Median yearly pay—$75,005
  • Highest yearly pay—$115,003 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

4. Marketing Researcher or Consultant

Having a career in business doesn't have to mean always staying in the office. In fact, a lot of marketing professionals have jobs that include travel for things like attending trade shows, meeting with clients, and gathering firsthand information about local and regional markets.

  • Median yearly pay—$71,469
  • Highest yearly pay—$111,114 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Bachelor's degree

5. Accountant

A lot of experienced accounting professionals have jobs involving travel since they audit financial records at their clients' places of business. But even though not all accountants become auditors, some of them still get to travel to fun locations for things like training, networking, and consulting.

  • Median yearly pay—$68,266
  • Highest yearly pay—$117,707 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Bachelor's degree that helps lead to certification

6. Film Director

Do jobs that allow you to travel get any cooler than this one? Every movie and television show requires its own special setting to serve as an appropriate backdrop, which often requires filmmakers to find and travel to beautiful, exotic, or fascinating destinations.

  • Median yearly pay—$62,400
  • Highest yearly pay—$92,810 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

7. Writer

Many people are fascinated by the prospect of travelling around the world, but they often like to read about other travellers' experiences first. So it's possible to get writing jobs that let you travel by approaching certain magazines, online media sites, and tourism agencies. Some writers even make money from their own travel blogs. Plus, you may be able to get assignments for writing advertising copy, speeches, or other types of content while working almost anywhere you choose.

  • Median yearly pay—$55,994
  • Highest yearly pay—$90,667 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

8. Executive Assistant

Enjoy different travel careersMany corporations require their senior executives to travel on a regular basis. But high-level professionals are often accompanied by their assistants since major business trips can involve a lot of important details that aren't always easily handled by just one person.

  • Median yearly pay—$55,474
  • Highest yearly pay—$82,992 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Bachelor's degree

9. Sales Representative

Many industries employ travelling sales representatives to find and meet with potential clients and customers in different regions. The most lucrative sales jobs tend to be the ones that involve selling technical products or services (such as software, supplies, equipment, or machinery) on a wholesale, business-to-business basis. Getting an education in marketing can be a great way to prepare for a sales career.

  • Median yearly pay—$50,003
  • Highest yearly pay—$90,667 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

10. Audio Engineer

The music industry generates many jobs that allow you to travel the world. As an audio engineer, you could be hired to mix live sound for touring musical artists or to record musicians in special studios that are far from home.

  • Median yearly pay—$52,000
  • Highest yearly pay—$90,002 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College or vocational school diploma

11. Hotel or Resort Manager

A lot of hospitality managers get the chance to travel beyond their primary work locations, including to overseas destinations. In some cases, they go abroad to receive specialized training in a foreign country. In other cases, they're employed by global hotel or resort chains and have opportunities to work in foreign locations for extended periods of time.

  • Median yearly pay—$55,494
  • Highest yearly pay—$100,006 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

12. Flight Attendant

Many travel-industry jobs have amazing benefits, but this one has some of the best. Your job may not just take you all over Canada; it might take you all over the world. So imagine the sense of adventure as you fly to places you've never been. Many airlines also allow their flight attendants to fly for free when they aren't working. Sometimes, they can even bring along a friend or family member at no additional cost.

  • Median yearly pay—$39,000
  • Highest yearly pay—$79,997 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Vocational training program approved by Transport Canada

13. Event Planner

Special events, along with annual trade shows and business conventions, are major drivers of good travel-related jobs. Where you can travel as an event planner will depend on what you choose to specialize in. For example, coordinating destination weddings might take you to tropical locations, whereas managing large business gatherings or live shows might take you to many of the world's best cities.

  • Median yearly pay—$46,010
  • Highest yearly pay—$69,992 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

14. Photographer

With talent, persistence, and a go-getting attitude, it's possible to build a great photography career that involves plenty of travel. Your area of specialization will also have a lot to do with it. For example, the photographers who travel the most often do work in areas related to photojournalism, commercial photography, scientific photography, or destination wedding photography.

  • Median yearly pay—$33,280
  • Highest yearly pay—$74,131 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Vocational school training, college diploma, or university degree

15. Massage Therapist

The world has an abundance of resorts, cruise ships, and luxury spas that all love to pamper their guests. So, as a massage therapist, you may discover opportunities to take scenic ocean voyages or look out onto white sandy beaches—all while getting paid for it.

  • Median yearly pay—$51,750
  • Highest yearly pay—$97,760 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Formal vocational school and supervised practical training that, in some provinces, leads to registration

16. Long-Haul Truck Driver

Truck driving isn't just exciting because it can let you see more of your own country. It's also exciting because it's one of the jobs that travel enthusiasts can take on in order to see more of other countries. For example, imagine being able to travel Canada from coast to coast in addition to going on trips to various destinations within the United States. A lot of long-haul truck drivers get the opportunity to view a large variety of amazing landscapes, from the golden oceans of wheat in the prairies to the towering and breathtaking Rocky Mountains in the west.

  • Median yearly pay—$43,680
  • Highest yearly pay—$67,018 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Vocational training that leads to earning a commercial driver's license (CDL)

17. Fashion Merchandiser

Many fashion retail companies employ merchandisers to research and select which lines of clothing and accessories to sell in their stores. It's the kind of role that can involve travelling to fashion shows in fun cities like New York, Paris, London, and Milan.

  • Median yearly pay—$45,136
  • Highest yearly pay—$72,010 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree

18. Interior Designer

New businesses, successful organizations, and wealthy individuals will often pay good money to have reputable interior designers travel to their locations and help oversee fun projects. Some designers are even able to build great international reputations and get to travel and provide consulting services overseas as part of their jobs.

  • Median yearly pay—$43,555
  • Highest yearly pay—$72,530 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or university degree that helps prepare you for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam

19. Actor

Are you an aspiring performance artist? Many Canadian actors are able to land travel-heavy jobs. Where you travel as an actor is usually determined by the roles you play and the productions you're part of. For example, being an actor for a travelling theatre company could mean getting to visit several different cities over the course of many months or even years. In contrast, acting in television or motion pictures may mean travelling to one particular location for a set period of time before moving on to another place for extended on-location filming.

  • Median yearly pay—$32,406
  • Highest yearly pay—$61,922 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College, university, or private school training

20. Travel Agent

Do you enjoy planning trips as much as taking them? Travel agents get to help individuals and groups organize their holidays, retreats, conferences, or other trips. Many of them also get to visit and scope out the places that they end up recommending to their clients.

  • Median yearly pay—$35,360
  • Highest yearly pay—$57,138 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—College diploma or vocational training

21. Chef

The culinary arts are full of opportunities for skilled cooks and chefs who want to travel. For example, imagine being a chef on a private yacht, on a cruise ship, or in a foreign resort or restaurant. The best chefs are often the ones who have done the most travelling and have worked in several different regions.

  • Median yearly pay—$35,360
  • Highest yearly pay—$53,331 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Vocational training or apprenticeship that helps lead to optional Red Seal certification

22. Tour Guide

Like other jobs in travel, this one can be very rewarding. You don't necessarily have to limit yourself to the attractions of your local region. Many Canadian tour guides lead groups of tourists on trips far from home—to exotic destinations that they are especially knowledgeable or passionate about.

  • Median yearly pay—$31,200
  • Highest yearly pay—$41,600 or more
  • Typical entry-level education—Vocational and/or on-the-job training

23. International ESL Teacher

By teaching English as a second language (ESL), you can pursue jobs that let you explore and live in foreign countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Thailand, or Mexico. ESL teachers are often able to get one-year contracts for teaching in a specific location. But shorter- and longer-term jobs can also be found. A major benefit of this career is that, while you get to help other people learn a new language, you get the same opportunity.

  • Average yearly pay (in the highest-paying countries)—$42,000 to $66,000 U.S. dollars (about $56,000 to $86,000 Canadian dollars, as of 2018)2
  • Typical entry-level education—Bachelor's degree

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1 Government of Canada, Job Bank, website last visited on March 21, 2019.

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