How Do I Figure Out What Career I Want?

How Do I Figure Out What Career I Want? At some point in our lives, most of us wrestle with the seemingly simple (but often very difficult) question, "How do I figure out what career I want?"

This common internal struggle happens for a good reason. Getting post-secondary training can involve a large amount of both time and money, which are probably the top two things people hate to waste.

Consider What You Enjoy

If you're struggling with this career conundrum, you should first determine what it is you enjoy doing. Even if you can't nail it down specifically yet, chisel it down to a broad area first. For example, if you enjoy artistic endeavors, start your search by checking out programs that involve creativity. If you're more of a compassionate type with the urge to help others, search in an empathetic area like health care. If an active, hands-on career would be your forte, begin searching the skilled trades area. And there are plenty of other program areas that suit all different personality types and preferences.

Think About What You Want From Your Education

The next step is to determine the type of educational institution that will best fit your career goals, as well as your learning style. If you tend to "learn by doing" and are interested in gaining skills that will be directly related to your career field, a short-term and career-oriented program from a vocational school is probably your best match. However, if you enjoy delving deeper into theory-based learning and want to gain a general education in addition to career-related training, you might be better suited to a more academic program at a college or university.

Start Your Search

How Do I Figure Out What Career I Want?Once you've given both of these aspects consideration, it simply becomes a matter of finding the right school by measuring the available programs against these two sets of criteria.

Another thing to keep in mind is that choosing a program isn't equivalent to deciding to work in that specific field forever. Many programs tend to be flexible in terms of career outcomes, and the skills you gain can be transferable into other related areas.

By doing some rudimentary soul searching and broadening your view of post-secondary education, it's possible to take a positive spin on the question "How do I figure out what career I want?" Start right now by checking out the programs available in the area that interests you!