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Redstone CollegeRedstone College is where practical people with big motivation go to get training that can transform their lives.

It's a progressive school that's focused on just one thing: helping you start a career that you'll enjoy, in a trade with exciting opportunities.

Can you picture what being a skilled aircraft, avionics, HVAC, or wind energy technician would be like? They are all active roles that let you use your natural talent for hands-on work. And they enable you to interact and solve interesting problems with advanced equipment and technologies that few other people ever get to see.

Plus, everything at Redstone College is designed to make your training experience as effective as possible. In fact, attending this school comes with a few important benefits that you won't find at many other educational institutions. And it's all streamlined into fast programs that can be scheduled to fit your current lifestyle.

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Short Yet Powerful Career-Focused Programs

Redstone CollegeWhy spend more time in school than you need to? Wouldn't you love to be able to get in, learn skills that are actually marketable, and get out into the workforce quickly?

At Redstone College, your training will only take between 12 and 20 months. That's it. You can graduate with a respected diploma or associate's degree in a fascinating field like aviation, HVAC, or renewable energy without spending years in school.

And during your training, you'll be guided by experienced instructors who've had real success doing what they teach. You'll even get to work with plenty of real equipment. This school has invested more than $7.5 million in real-world training aids like actual aircraft engines, heating and cooling technologies, avionics labs, and a full-size wind turbine.

Redstone College Programs

Airframe and Powerplant

In as little as 18 months, you could be helping to keep the flying public safe with your skills in servicing and repairing aircraft airframes, powerplants, and other components. Redstone College's simulated work setting, which includes several aircraft and more than 80 engines, can give you the hands-on experience many employers are looking for when they hire A&P technicians. And you can study during the day or at night so you can keep working while you learn.

After you complete your studies and gain your associate's degree, Redstone will help you prepare for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, which allows you to look for work with aircraft manufacturers and major airlines as well as the federal government.

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Start gaining the skills needed to work on some of the highest-tech machines around. By earning an associate's degree in avionics in just 15 months, you could be ready to embark on a future working with aircraft, satellites, or even spacecraft! Avionics grads work on systems that include communication, navigation, and instrumentation in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Redstone College's avionics training will also help you get ready for Federal Communication Commission (FCC) certification, which can widen your career possibilities in the field of aviation electronics. It's a certification many employers like to see.

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems exist in almost all commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. And that means a lot of job possibilities for trained HVAC technicians. Redstone College's fast-tracked program offers the chance to earn a diploma in just 10 months or an associate's degree in 17 months, which can help prepare you to take advantage of the many opportunities more quickly.

The training features a simulated workplace so you have the chance to put your learning into practice by working on real equipment and systems.

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Wind Energy Technology

Get ready to take advantage of a new wave of clean technology jobs by training in the field of wind energy technology. You can complete your associate's degree in just 15 months, giving you the skills needed to pursue opportunities in this growing field.

With the federal government taking action to get 20 percent of the country's electricity from wind power by 2030, you could have a bright future in the industry. Get the training to service, repair, test, and troubleshoot wind power generating equipment, and be ready to go after the jobs available now and in the future.

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Exceptional Student Support

At Redstone College, they take your goals very seriously. They want to see you succeed, which is why they offer the kind of support that few other schools do. Check out just a few examples of what you can receive as a student at this college:

  • Personalized tutoring—in any subject that's part of your program—at no additional cost
  • Comprehensive career assistance that includes help with finding job opportunities, getting your resume in order, practicing interview skills, and networking with contacts in your industry
  • The chance to come back to class—tuition-free—after you graduate whenever you need to refresh your skills in your original field of training

Well-Equipped Facilities in Denver

Redstone College is conveniently located in Denver, Colorado—a city with plenty to offer career-minded students. Plus, the school's training facilities have been designed to be comfortable and well-organized. You can even enjoy plenty of free parking.

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