Polysomnographer (Sleep Study Disorders Tech) Technology Schools

Polysomnographer (Sleep Study Disorders Tech) Technology SchoolsPolysomnography is a relatively new and rapidly expanding field. With much research to be done and plenty of jobs to be had, you could find your place in this thriving profession!

This field is not only riveting, but could be very rewarding as well. You could be helping people to overcome the problems that are often associated with sleep disorders. From irritability to headaches, or even weight gain to decreased immune function, sleep plays a very important part in our lives. Sleep apnea, for example, is a disorder in which patients have irregular breathing or periods without breathing in their sleep. As a sleep disorder technician, you could be helping people with these conditions rest easier.

An education in this field would prepare students to conduct various testing with a range of equipment. From performing an electroencephalography which charts brain activity to checking a patient's respiratory function using a thermistor or thermocouple, there are many technologies that polysomnography technician students must master.

Check out this fascinating field and find out how you can become a part of it! As a Polysomnographer you could find yourself working in a sleep clinic or other setting, helping to test for, diagnose, and treat a range of sleep disorders. With the right education, you could be making a difference in people's lives and maybe even saving them.

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Concorde Career Colleges

  • San Bernardino, California
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