Anesthesia Technician Schools

Anesthesia Technician SchoolsModern health care would likely not exist without anesthesia, and choosing one of the available anesthesia technician schools can prepare you to join this important field in a critical supporting role. You will be responsible for blocking pain or sensation in patients so they can undergo surgical procedures. Anesthesia technicians can be found in hospital operating rooms, intensive care units, and other health care facilities.

If you choose to pursue an education at an anesthesia technician school, your training will give you the much-needed skills and knowledge through classroom, lab, and clinical instruction. Your studies will likely include human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, cardiac monitoring, medical ethics, and more. Some programs can also give you the chance to test your skills during an externship or work placement.

Once in the field, anesthesia technicians monitor hospital equipment, prepare intravenous drugs and equipment, communicate with patients, and assist other health care workers during surgeries. They can also monitor a patient's vital signs during surgery, wake and transfer patients, and record important data. If you're researching a career in health care, and want to compare anesthesia technician schools, take the next step by requesting more information today!

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City College

  • Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
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