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Medaille College offers highly motivated adults like you the opportunity to earn a degree quickly—without sacrificing essential commitments such as work and family. With online programs in a variety of great professional areas, this college makes it truly convenient to pursue your career ambitions. Depending on your course of study, you may not even have to leave home.

That's because learning online provides the flexibility to complete your coursework almost anywhere you have an Internet connection. So imagine being able to take classes in your pajamas. Or imagine completing a few assignments over your lunch breaks at work. Taking online courses can allow you to schedule your education when and where it's most convenient while still having time for the rest of your life.

Plus, the people at Medaille College care about your success. In fact, many instructors at this school aim to treat their students like future professional colleagues. They want to help empower you in a way that can expand your confidence and lifelong potential. After all, you deserve a real chance at making your aspirations come true.

So take charge of your future and start getting closer to where you want to be. Make a simple request for additional details so that Medaille College can get in touch with you directly!

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Grow into the professional that you envision becoming. These online programs are aimed at helping you gain fundamental skills and insights related to the most important areas of business. While taking just one course at a time, you'll learn about subjects as diverse as accounting, human resources, and negotiations. But you'll also get the opportunity to go through helpful case studies and engage in online discussions, virtual labs, and group projects. And if you pursue the bachelor's degree program, you can gain an even deeper understanding of subjects like leadership, management, marketing, finance, statistics, and global strategies.

  • Associate in Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

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Information Systems

Start preparing for a career in which you get to help organizations become more productive and innovative by taking advantage of the latest computer and information technology (IT). In addition to business administration subjects like accounting, you'll learn about designing and developing databases, analyzing and securing information systems, developing e-business strategies, and managing projects. It's all intended to help you prepare for industry certifications and potential opportunities in fields like IT management, information security, business systems analysis, and network or database administration.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems

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Health Information Management

Begin a professional journey in one of America's most essential career sectors. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it needs skilled people who know how to manage and analyze complex data. That way, patient care can keep getting better and more efficient. Through this online program, you'll get to learn about medical coding, managing billing and finances, collecting data, analyzing trends and statistics, managing and protecting electronic health records, and using relevant technology. You'll also have the chance to learn what you need to know in order to take the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) exam.

  • Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Management

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Homeland Security

Give back to your community and the nation by learning how to help manage emergencies and threats to public security. Medaille College makes it possible to gain that knowledge through online courses that are taught by experts with real field experience. You'll get the opportunity to gain a career-ready understanding of emergency preparedness and response in relation to terrorism and natural disasters. And you'll learn more about the U.S. Constitution, the Patriot Act, international law, and overall security while developing a global perspective on those issues.

  • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security

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Veterinary Technology

Play a more meaningful role in the lives of animals. In this online program, you'll be taught about a large variety of relevant topics, such as animal anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and diseases. You'll also get the chance to learn how to manage animals' pain, provide surgical nursing, take diagnostic images, provide emergency care, and perform many other kinds of clinical and laboratory duties. The program even includes the opportunity to learn through multiple real-world clinical experiences. It's all designed to help you get ready for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE).

  • Associate in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology

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General Studies

Start becoming more well-rounded. Through a highly diverse combination of online courses, Medaille College can help you grow into a better communicator, problem solver, and collaborator. In addition to math and ethics, you'll study various subjects in the humanities as well as in the natural and social sciences. You'll also get the opportunity to expand your computer skills and choose from a variety of elective courses in the liberal arts and sciences.

  • Associate in Science in General Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in General Studies

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