Clock & Watch Repair Schools

Clock & Watch Repair SchoolsIf you're looking to enter a career field with a long history that's being transformed by modern technology, watch repair schools and clock repair schools can provide you the education you need. A watch or clock repairer cleans, fixes, and adjusts timepieces. Many in the profession may also repair or create jewelry with precious metals and stones.

At a clock repair school, you will likely begin your training by learning how to repair broken, damaged, or worn parts using a variety of fine instruments and tools. You could also learn how to clean watches with chemical, ultrasonic or mechanical machines. From there, a great watch repair school will teach you how to reassemble watches by replacing glass faces and batteries. Using meters and electronic instruments to ensure the items you repair are performing properly is also vital.

Working in the profession is possible with career-focused, hands-on training. Your education will cover topics such as beginning and intermediate repair, clock repair, and even engraving. If you're ready to gain these skills and pursue a fascinating career, begin by requesting more information from watch repair schools today!

The following schools offer programs that feature watch repair training as a component of the curriculum.

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Penn Foster Career School

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  • Jewelry Design and Repair