Careers for People Who Want to Work Alone

Career Ideas for People Who Don't Like PeopleHave you ever wondered if there are any jobs for people who don't like people? If there's a chance at finding a career you love if you prefer to work alone?

You might be a true introvert, with a strong preference for being solitary and a tendency to gain energy from your alone time. Or, you might just be someone who prefers the kind of job that allows you to work independently and focus without distraction from others around you.

Either way—if you favor the kind of work that involves little interaction with others, this article can help you find a career path that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Jobs where you work alone—do they really exist?

Life can be tough if you prefer to work alone. Jobs that require little or no social interaction can seem like they would be hard to find, but there are careers for people who don't like people.

If you are an introvert, then having a career that utilizes your natural strengths and minimizes your contact with other people can be of tremendous help, and could mean you'll be able to really accomplish something worthwhile, which is in and of itself a source of energy, confidence, and happiness.

Like any other general personality type, introverts can display a wide variety of attributes, including surprising ones that contradict their overall temperament. For instance, some people who would consider themselves introverts may find it oddly satisfying to perform or speak in front of large groups of people even though they would dislike having to mingle within them.

Plenty of careers offer introverts the chance to use their inherent abilities—deep concentration, unconventional thinking, commitment, powerful observation, good listening, and many others—in their work.

Finding a career you can be happy with is difficult no matter who you are. But having an introspective personality makes it even harder. The fact is, just about any career will require you to interact with people in some way. There isn't much you can do about it other than learn how to be a little outgoing when it counts. Still, some occupations tend to be better for people who dislike working with others.

Jobs for people who like to work alone aren't always easy to spot. But here are a few career choices for introverts that might just get you moving in the right direction:

Media, Design, and the Arts

Media, Design, and the ArtsFine art, graphic design, computer animation, and interior design are all great options if you want to make the world a little more visually appealing.

Writing is also a classic option for introspective people that want to work alone. It can enable you to articulate your thoughts and express yourself in a way that might be impossible for you through verbal communication. Writing can help you sort through all of the feelings and information in your head, so that you can see yourself and the world around you more clearly. Plus, writing well is a skill that is always in high demand.

Other possible careers in this category include architecture, video game development, and even the performing arts. Yes, as strange as it sounds, something like acting can be a good fit for some introverts because it's about getting deep into character and being somebody else while on stage or in front of the camera.

Computers and Information Technology

Computers and Information TechnologyThere is something about computer technology that pulls many introverts in like a magnet. And if you like to solve problems, then software development, electronics engineering, and computer programming could be suitable options for your introverted personality.

For introverts with a love for technology and a bit of a creative flair, web design and web development both offer intriguing opportunities to express yourself without needing a lot of interaction.

Health Care

Health CareWhile many careers in health care require a lot of contact with people, there are a number of options in the field, however, that don't involve so much personal contact.

For instance, medical transcription is a good bet if you would like to work from home. Or, if you would prefer something a little more hands-on yet still behind-the-scenes, then you might consider a career as a medical laboratory technician.

If you would prefer to take care of animals instead, there are many great options here, but some of the best include occupations like veterinary medicine and veterinary assistance.


BusinessThe business world is vast, and offers plenty of opportunities for solo work. In fact, a number of careers in the business field can even allow people to work from home.

Some great options for someone who is business-minded but not interested in the social interaction that can often accompany the field include accounting and marketing. And if you're really intent on crafting a career that suits your traits, you can take an entrepreneurship program and learn to run your own business.

Science and Research

Science and Research<If you're not too fond of being around other people, then careers in science or research and development can provide a highly rewarding way to make a living.

There has probably never been a better time to pursue a career in this category. We're likely to witness an astonishing array of scientific breakthroughs in areas like medicine, biomedical technology, and environmental technology. And with climate change pushing us to develop clean energy sources, there will continue to be a lot of opportunity for bright minds that can imagine a greener future and conduct the research to help bring it about.


Law<Not all legal professionals have to set foot in a courtroom to do their jobs. And if they do, they don't necessarily have to be the one standing up to make arguments before a judge or jury.

There is no reason that an introvert can't thrive as a paralegal, legal assistant, or even as an attorney. Most legal cases never make it to trial, and there is always more than enough in-depth research that needs to be conducted. Plus, many specialties within law involve tasks that are a little more routine such as will and estate planning, contracts, and bankruptcy.

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades<While it's true that most trades require working away from home, many skilled tradespeople will tell you that there is a special kind of Zen that happens when you are using your hands and really focused on building, installing, or fixing something tangible.

The many career options in this category run the gamut, from automotive repair to electrical, to HVAC to commercial diving and welding.

More about introverts

The term "introvert" encompasses a broad range of personalities that share a few similar traits. It is foolish to think that anyone can be so easily categorized. Therefore, take all career suggestions with a grain of salt. There are probably introverts that have found happiness and success in careers that one would never expect a person who dislikes being around other people to thrive in.