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Career CounselorPeople who say that making good career choices is easy must have one heck of a wise career counselor (or, perhaps, just enjoy the attention that comes from making stuff up). For the rest of us, choosing the right path usually involves days or months — or even years — of indecision and anguish.

Good information is often scattered. That's one reason choosing a career can be so difficult. It takes determination and, sometimes, luck to find all the info you need to make an informed decision.

So much of today's online career counseling happens in little pieces. A tidbit here. A tidbit there. But when you're ready to go after your future, you need comprehensive information — in one place. You need an accurate guide to help you navigate the puzzling mazes you'll encounter as you pursue different careers.

Plus, you have a lot to consider before starting school. You might know, for instance, that you want to become a nurse. But do you know that there are different kinds of nurses, each with different education and licensing requirements? Do you know the difference between a degree and a diploma in regards to the career you're thinking about? Do you know what to look for in the schools and training programs that you investigate?

We can all use a little help up the mountain to our future. That's why The Career Counselor exists. Think of us as your climbing partner, pointing out all of the challenges and opportunities you might not be noticing. You want to know about potential salaries, college costs, the upsides, the downsides, and everything in between? You got it.

The following articles provide in-depth, well-researched information about many careers that are in demand. And this collection will keep growing. So start thinking big about your possibilities!   We are.

Media Arts

Film and Video Producer

Film and video producers get to enjoy one of the most dynamic and exciting career fields in existence today. Whether they are working on a movie, television series, corporate video, or commercial, they get to be part of a prestigious group of individuals who entertain, educate, and fascinate us on a daily basis. But it's also no secret that the film and video production industry can be highly competitive and incredibly hard to break into. So if you are contemplating how to become a film producer, then keep reading in order to glean the information you need to make an informed decision. Learn about educational requirements, pros and cons, salary rates, job outlook, and much more.

Music Producer

Music production can be one of toughest industries to break into. However, if you are truly passionate about music, it can also be one of the most fulfilling—allowing you to work with fellow musicians by helping them transform their creative visions into reality. If you are considering pursuing a future in music production, you can gain comprehensive knowledge of the field by reading in-depth information about music producer training, programs, job responsibilities, career outlook, salaries, and much more!

Skilled Trades


Electricity is vital in today's society. Whether it's the coffee maker on your kitchen counter, the computer you use at work or school, or lifesaving equipment in a hospital — we rely on electricity in countless ways every day of our lives. For this reason, electricians are an essential part of the skilled trades industry. If you are considering becoming an electrician, gain in-depth information about electrician careers, education, apprenticeships, job prospects, salaries, certification, and much more.