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The Art Institute of Vancouver Put your creative energy to work.

The Art Institute of Vancouver gives idea-driven people like you the chance to pursue what they're most enthusiastic about. It's a community of inspired students and instructors who imagine a vibrant future and want to help shape it.

That's what The Art Institute of Vancouver is always focused on: Providing an educational atmosphere that encourages the exploration of what's possible. After all, today's creative industries rely on professionals who are skillful, collaborative, and inventive. But this combination of abilities is also what enables those designers, media artists, and culinary pros to influence the marketplaces of tomorrow.

Growing that kind of potential begins with a simple concept: Practicality. A common-sense approach to training is at the core of The Art Institutes' philosophy. It means that you get to practice what you're taught in a hands-on way, and you get access to professional-level technology and facilities while you do.

Of course, a practical learning environment also requires supportive surroundings. That's why the school's staff welcome the opportunity to help you with your job search and self-marketing efforts. They can also assist you in finding housing or point you in the direction of fun student clubs and extracurricular activities.

So follow your creative impulses into an expanded world of possibilities. The Art Institute of Vancouver is waiting. You just need to make the first move. Send an information request to the school right now so that you can have your questions answered directly!

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The Art Institute of Vancouver Areas of Study


Design ProgramsSo much of the world's economy—and life in general—is driven by what we see.

The design programs at The Art Institutes are aimed at giving you the tools to develop and execute visual and conceptual strategies that help spark intended actions.

Areas of Interest


Start developing your performance talents for a future of acting on stage or in front of the camera. Over a series of five certificate programs, you can explore and practice the creative process, learn more about classical and contemporary drama, and maximize your abilities as an actor. After all, these programs cover everything from voice and body movement techniques to character actions and motivations to finding an agent, auditioning for roles, and working with directors on film, television, and theatre productions. And these programs are led by professionals with national and international recognition in theatre and film.

  • Acting 1 - Certificate
  • Acting 2 - Certificate
  • Acting 3 - Certificate
  • Acting 4 - Certificate
  • Acting 5 - Certificate

Graphic & Web Design

Push your artistic talents in a fun new direction. In a graphic design program, you can learn what goes into designing print projects like packaging and publication layouts while also exploring the fundamentals of digital graphics for the Web. Or, if web design is more your area of interest, you can get training that enhances your ability to create engaging online experiences. Practice basics like layout, colour, and type selection before moving on to designing and scripting Web pages and interfaces for mobile devices. Between graphics, information architecture, and audio and video, there are a lot of exciting new things to learn.

  • Advanced Graphic Design - Diploma
  • Graphic Design & Foundation for Design - Diploma
  • Graphic Design - Bachelor of Applied Design
  • Graphic Design - Diploma
  • Web Design & Interactive Media - Diploma

Interior Design

Add vitality to indoor spaces using your own creative flair. Have the opportunity to learn about elements like textiles and lighting, you can also start developing your drawing and computer-aided drafting (CAD) skills. The Art Institute of Vancouver makes it possible for you to learn the art, business, and technical aspects needed for designing safe, sustainable, and visually distinctive interior environments for almost any kind of use.

  • Interior Design - Bachelor of Applied Design
  • Interior Design - Diploma

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Media Arts

Media Arts ProgramsThe way we experience the world through interactive media is becoming richer and more absorbing by the day. The media arts program options at The Art Institute of Vancouver are all about helping you get ready to put your own stamp on immersive and technological art forms.

Areas of Interest


Start building a digital portfolio of animated characters and story worlds that can get you noticed. You can improve your drawing abilities while beginning to master the art of making captivating 2D and 3D animations using sophisticated computer software. This is a chance to push your creativity to new heights and bring many of your fascinating ideas to life.

  • 3D Modeling for Animation & Games - Diploma
  • Animation Art & Design - Diploma

Audio Production

Amplify your knowledge of sound. Producing music and other audio that meets a listener's expectations—either live or in a studio—requires the ability to navigate a variety of creative and technical processes. It's why, at this school, the programs cover areas as diverse as recording, mixing, mastering, and streaming finished media over the Web. You can get exposed to analog sound design methods while practicing digital production on professional systems such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

  • Independent Recording Arts - Certificate
  • Professional Recording Arts (LIPA) - Diploma
  • Professional Recording Arts - Diploma

Digital Film

Elevate your storytelling potential by learning the art and techniques involved in electronic filmmaking. Write scripts. Use camera, lighting, and audio equipment. And explore the process behind incorporating motion graphics in your video productions. From story development to acting and directing to editing the final product, you can receive expert instruction in one of today's most influential media arts.

  • Digital Film & Video - Diploma

Game Design & Programming

The Art Institute of Vancouver has been named by the Princeton Review as one of the top schools to study video game design.* This is where you can become proficient in key areas like character and world design, 3D modeling, texture mapping, storyboarding, game scripting, interactive prototyping, and so much more. It's all geared toward helping you establish yourself as an emerging video game artist or programmer with great examples to back up your resume.

  • Game Art & Design - Diploma
  • Game Programming - Bachelor of Science
  • Visual & Game Programming - Diploma

Special Effects

Generate new momentum in your creative journey. Motion graphics and other visual effects help tell stories and add excitement to all kinds of video and multimedia projects. You can expand and refine your talents as you learn about post-production techniques involving areas such as digital lighting, animation, and 3D effects and modeling.

  • VFX for Film & Television - Diploma

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Fashion ProgramsFresh styles and new approaches to merchandising are always in demand within the fashion industry.

With one of these courses of study, your ambition of making a mark in this creative field could take a big leap forward.

Areas of Interest

Fashion Design

Start sharing your penchant for style. By exploring the methods used in conceptualizing new designs and bringing them to market, you can begin shaping your future as a true fashion maven. Practice everything from drawing, sewing, and patternmaking to researching trends, developing products, and digitally designing textiles.

  • Fashion Design - Diploma

Fashion Marketing

Combine your stylistic flair with your resourcefulness as you learn what it takes to attract and keep fashion customers. Go through an industry-relevant curriculum that covers topics like advertising your brand, operating a retail store, evaluating new apparel lines, planning and promoting events, and managing many other important business aspects.

  • Fashion Marketing - Diploma

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Culinary Arts

Culinary ProgramsThe food and hospitality industry is always adapting to fascinating new trends and providing the dining public with a diverse array of tempting options. Thus, the programs at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Vancouver are intended to give you a start in your development toward becoming a culinary professional.

Areas of Interest

Culinary Arts

Dig into the process of making mouthwatering cuisines from around the world. Practice core skills like knife handling, and get introduced to equipment and tools used within commercial kitchens. Then start preparing a wide assortment of dishes as you receive guidance in classical and modern cooking and baking techniques. The training even covers essential subjects such as menu planning, nutrition, and cost controlling.

And if you're interested in specializing in baking and pastry arts, you can get to know what really goes into making professional-quality breads, pastries, and desserts. Explore the proper techniques for weighing and measuring ingredients, choosing the right temperatures, and selecting the appropriate tools. It's training that includes lots of direct practice at creating things like dough products, custards, tarts, cakes, chocolates, and even creative showpieces.

  • Baking & Pastry Arts - Diploma
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Level 1 - Certificate
  • Culinary Arts - Diploma
  • Culinary Arts Level 1 - Certificate
  • Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership - Advanced Diploma

Culinary Management

Develop your capacity for taking charge of a restaurant or catering operation. It's the kind of role that requires skills related to both cooking and business management. So the hands-on training involves learning a range of culinary techniques in addition to strategies for handling things like marketing, human resources, purchasing, and a whole lot more.

If your interest is in managing events, you can broaden and refine your organizational abilities in a field that's about creating fun, impact, and positive memories. Increase your proficiency at planning and coordinating a full range of special events as you can learn about working with different types of vendors and handling promotional tasks. It's an educational opportunity intended to help you become a master of the details for exhibitions, festivals, parties, and many other types of planned occasions.

  • Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management - Diploma
  • Event Management - Diploma
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management - Diploma

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Get Your Creative Education in a Truly Inspiring City

Imagine stepping outside to spectacular views and getting on a convenient rapid-transit train that drops you off right next door to school. Then picture what you can enjoy once you're there: A master-planned facility built with creative students in mind. A space with 80,000 square feet of classrooms, studios, computer labs, an expansive library, a student lounge, a gallery area, and even a professional kitchen.

Vancouver, British Columbia is where thousands of artistic individuals work and call home. They've chosen this world-class city for the ease with which they can benefit from both urban and natural amenities. In fact, they enjoy creating their futures in a place that's consistently ranked by global publications as one of the most desirable cities on Earth to live.

By choosing The Art Institute of Vancouver, you'll be near countless outdoor and cultural attractions known for helping imaginative people generate new ideas. And you'll be immersed in a city that takes great pride in its status as a top destination for all kinds of creative productions.

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*"The Princeton Review Names Top 25 Undergrad and Grad Schools to Study Game Design for 2014," The Princeton Review, website last accessed on September 2, 2014.

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